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In uncontested divorces the clerks office will review the package, and determine if all documents are in order and there are no defects.
In contested divorces, the clerks office will be responsible for the administration of the process. The matrimonial clerks office has a public service counter for both self-represented litigants in divorce matters (pro-se) and for divorce attorney. Answer: An uncontested divorce, where both parties agree to the terms of the divorce is most efficient and inexpensive method to obtaining a divorce in Kings County. Answer: You are officially divorced and free to remarry once the Judge signs the Judgement of Divorce. The Kings Supreme Court has certain particular rules that apply to both contested and uncontested divorces. This is the office that receives, reviews and processes all divorce proceedings for Kings County. When you file an uncontested divorce, you are required to file a self addressed stamped postcard so that the clerks office can notify you if your Judgement of Divorce is signed or rejected due to any errors.

Please call for instructions on how to retrieve your papers for filing with the County Clerks Office.
However, you can provide a third party with a detailed letter stating what document they are entitled to see and copy and that they can retrieve the judgement of divorce.
In contested divorces, the Judge may state on the record that the parties are awarded the divorce.
First, you can file an Order to Show Cause attaching the original divorce with notice of entry, and proof of service on your spouse, and an affidavit of support.
A Notice of Appearance shall be filed in the Office of the County Clerk and the Matrimonial Office on the 10th Floor. All adjournments on the grounds of engagement of counsel shall be granted only in accordance with Part 125 of the Rules of the Chief Administrator of the Courts.
Litigants are to be advised by counsel that communication with chambers staff or the court is not permitted at any time when they are represented.
Allegations of fact submitted to the court, including allegations contained in an affidavit or the complaint, must be certified by counsel in the form prescribed by the Chief Administrative Judge.

Counsel are directed to bring to the court’s attention, by way of motion or conference call, any failure to comply with discovery orders or court directions prior to the compliance conference date. Counsel shall provide the court with statements of proposed disposition, updated net worth statements with the last three (3) years tax returns, and child support worksheets when applicable.
Answer: An Order to Show Cause must be filed with an Attorney Affirmation, and a client affidavit, and a proposed Amended Judgment of Divorce.
Counsel is then to prepare a stipulation including the caption and index number of the case, the appearance date, the adjourn date, and the reason for the adjournment. In a contested divorce it is possible that numerous motions will be filed which can accrue attorneys fees, and court costs. Counsel are reminded always to bring their clients to Court for appearances unless previously excused or unless an adjournment has been granted.

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