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This highway travels through Clark County and is often patrolled heavily by law enforcement officers looking for speeders.Our Winchester Kentucky speeding ticket attorney can help you. Our Kentucky attorneys can help you organize and present a defense to any of these charges. In many cases, we can also prevent clients from having to appear in court on minor traffic issues or speeding tickets. Our office handles speeding tickets and other traffic citations in nearly every county in Kentucky. If you have questions about your Kentucky Speeding Ticket or how our speeding ticket attorney can assist you, please call us now. A speeding ticket attorney can help get your violation dismissed or amended to a more favorable charge. In nearly all instances concerning a speeding ticket or other citation, one of our Speeding Ticket Attorneys in Winchester, KY can appear on your behalf and prevent needless travel in order to make a court appearance.

We are always happy to speak with individuals who may have questions about how we can help.Get a KY Speeding Ticket Attorney ASAPIn many instances, it is imperative that you have a Kentucky attorney in attendance at your initial court appearance for traffic citations, speeding tickets or DUI charges. Therefore, contacting a Kentucky attorney as soon as possible after being charged is crucial. The negative connotations associated with such a blemish on ones MVR can result in serious consequences from current or prospective employers.Talk to Our Winchester Speeding Ticket Lawyer AnytimeOur attorneys not only represent clients with Speeding Tickets in Winchester Kentucky but we also handle all other traffic violations. Adequate time is needed to investigate the specific facts associated with your situation and to allow your attorney to prepare an appropriate defense.We can help negotiate on your behalf so that you can avoid points on your license, increased insurance premiums and possible loss of your driving privileges, all of which can result from a traffic citation, speeding ticket or DUI. In these cases the recipient of the speeding ticket is expected to appear in Fayette County District Court to answer to the charges. Even if this is your first traffic citation or speeding ticket you should contact one of our Kentucky attorneys first, before paying the ticket.Kentucky DUI AttorneyIf you have received a citation for DUI (Driving Under the Influence) in Kentucky, an attorney can help.
In nearly all traffic cases, one of our speeding ticket attorneys can appear on your behalf.

Kentucky now uses an e-warrant system and nearly all police officers in the state will know if you have a warrant because of a missed speeding ticket court date.
In nearly all cases we can do this without the necessity of your appearance.Our Kentucky Speeding Ticket Attorneys Represent Clients Throughout KentuckyStanley frequently represents out of state residents who have been cited for traffic violations or speeding tickets on I-75 or I-64. It can be burdensome to travel back to Kentucky to obtain counsel or make a court appearance.

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