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Something interesting to know is that the Kelvin color temperature scale only deals with blue and amber, not with magenta or green.
The Kelvin (K) White Balance setting is one many photographers hesitate to use, but can be a great option to be familiar with.
Matching the Kelvin setting to the type of daylight or tungsten-type artificial light in a scene to get white balance as close to perfect as possible is one way to use the Kelvin White Balance option.
If the Auto White Balance or Daylight White Balance isn't quite giving you the look you want, Kelvin White Balance becomes an option worth pursuing. To get initially acquainted with the Kelvin White Balance setting, you might want to take three images (JPEGs or even short video clips will be fine for this purpose) in a specific lighting condition -- such as sunlight or an overcast sky.
Rather, consider this a practical approach to the concept of White Balance and, specifically, Kelvin White Balance.

Canon EOS Digital SLRs adjust white balance over a range of roughly 3000 to 7000 degrees Kelvin, when set to AWB. By dialing in a Kelvin temperature, you assign a look to the overall color, based on the lighting in the scene. Set the Kelvin White Balance option and on your camera's Shooting Menu, dial-in a standard daylight Kelvin value like 5,500°K. If your images feel a bit too warm or too cool, or they don’t represent the vision that you are trying to achieve, White Balance and Kelvin settings are great technical and creative tools in your photo arsenal.
Kelvin White Balance (identified on EOS cameras with an icon with the letter "K" in it) is available on nearly all Canon EOS SLRs, except for EOS Rebel models. With RAW images, it's always possible to experiment and fine-tune the Kelvin value at the computer until you get just what you're looking for or get acquainted with the possibilities of Kelvin White Balance.

After that, reset the Kelvin value to its lowest setting (2,500°K) and observe the difference. And when recording video or shooting JPEG original images with EOS Digital SLRs, the Kelvin White Balance setting becomes a great way to nail down a particular color or "look" in any daylight-type lighting condition or under tungsten artificial lighting. Of course, with video or JPEG imagery, white balance can't simply be reset later on in the computer -- one reason that the fine control of the Kelvin White Balance setting can sometimes be such an important asset.
But this is an easy way to see how Kelvin White Balance can warm up or cool down the lighting in a scene.

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