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As Florida wrestles with the question of legalizing same-sex marriages, the cancellation of courthouse ceremonies by court clerks in some Northeast Florida counties drew reactions that called the decisions a slap in the face or a strong moral stance.
Clerks in Duval, Clay and Baker counties have said they will stop performing marriages altogether, citing the potential change in the law and other concerns. The decision on ceremonies won’t mean clerks will not issue licenses to marry, but that marriages in those counties will have to be performed in places other than the clerk’s offices. Crooks said the decision by Duval County Clerk of Courts Ronnie Fussell to end all ceremonies by clerks in his courthouse reflects poorly on Jacksonville.
Family division Circuit Court Judge Linda McCallum said absent the availability of Duval County clerks to perform marriages, judges will step in. City Councilman Don Redman, who two years ago opposed an expansion of Jacksonville’s human rights ordinance to include sexual orientation as a protected class, said the decision by the clerks was a strong moral stance. Redman said if same-sex couples are given the right to marry they should be able to find others who can perform the marriage.
Fussell and Baker County Clerk Stacie Harvey told the Times-Union Wednesday the decision was only partially driven by same-sex marriages but said some on their staffs would be uncomfortable performing the unions.

A sampling of comments to the Times-Union’s Facebook page offered historical perspectives and comments on the authority of government regarding the decision by clerks of courts to cease performing marriage ceremonies.
R-Chie lives in San Diego while Diane lives in Jacksonville, FL and he knew during his next visit it was time to pop the question. The Yes Girls worked with R-Chie to come up with all the personal elements he wanted to incorporate.
After a federal court ruled Florida’s same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional, Duval County Clerk of Court Ronnie Fussell said his office would comply with the law and issue marriage licenses. The Jacksonville Bar Association has proposed a plan to the judges that would allow the non-profit law firm Jacksonville Area Legal Aid to perform weddings. Tad Delegal, who serves on the Bar’s board of governors, said there’s no update on the progress of the plan, but the Bar is working to facilitate the discussions between Jacksonville Area Legal Aid and the judiciary. Jim Kowalski, the executive director of Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, said the law firm is happy to participate if the judges ask. God is the designer of the institution of marriage, and His word teaches us exactly how our marriages can be amazing. Let’s face it, the status quo version of marriage we often see is not producing the kind of love and life we all long for.

A federal judge on Thursday stopped short of ordering all clerks to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples but said clerks have a legal duty to issue the licenses. Those who are not gay but support equal marriage rights could be particularly angered, he said. She said she will perform marriages for anyone who gets a license and believes there is support among other judges as well.
District Judge Robert Hinkle issued the guidance to the clerks Thursday on his order that Florida’s ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional and was to end next week. Contact The Yes Girls to get started on your personalized marriage proposal, wedding plan, vow renewal, anniversary or date night today! There are too many ignorant citizens in Jacksonville and I hope the Florida Times-Union will continue to educate and inform the public.

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