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Let the prison condition be good enough for human habitation, Too many innocent persons are the ones that fill our prisons, Many with minor offences are waiting for trial. A panel of three federal judges instructed Mr Brown on Thursday to reduce the state's prison population by about 10,000 before the end of the year, striking a new blow in a long-running court battle.
Mr Brown was told his prison officials could identify low-risk offenders who might be released early, expand a system allowing inmates to earn good-behaviour credits, or take other steps to comply. Mr Brown and state authorities were ordered by the judges earlier this year to reduce the number of inmates to 137.5 per cent of maximum capacity, or about 109,000 people, by December 2013. The governor has repeatedly resisted the judges' demands, arguing that the prisons can sustain larger numbers of inmates than their official maximum capacities, without posing too much risk.
A plan submitted by Mr Brown to the court in May fell 2,300 inmates short of the judges' target, prompting them to accuse him of a "continued failure to cooperate with this court". The dispute has its roots in a lawsuit filed by attorneys for state prison inmates claimed that their constitutional rights were being violated because of crowded conditions in the prisons.
Mr Brown's state authorities were already mounting a challenge at the US Supreme Court to the inmate number limits. Inmates at the Deuel Vocational Institution near Tracy, Calif., on their way to outdoor recreation. Now, evidence is mounting that American prisons, where about 35,000 inmates convert to Islam annually, are cause for concern, too. Experts disagree over how fertile the ground is for prison radicalization, but the list of worrisome cases is growing. Professor Useem and Obie Clayton, a sociologist at Morehouse College in Atlanta, interviewed 210 prison officials and 270 inmates in 27 medium- and maximum-security state prisons. Unlike Useem and Clayton, Hamm gives credence to the idea that prisoner radicalization poses a national and international security risk. While young and disaffected inmates often convert to Islam for religious or personal reasons, many have practical reasons, too. Nation of Islam (NOI) popularized the Muslim faith among black prison inmates in the late 1950s.
The New York Department of Corrections quickly barred those imams from working in its prisons. Image #: 14383206 Inmates stand in a gymnasium where they are housed due to overcrowding at the California Institution for Men state prison in Chino, California, June 3, 2011.
Though it’s not an official policy, at least five California state prisons have a color-coding system. On any given day, the color of a sign could mean the difference between an inmate exercising in the prison yard or being confined to their cell. Prison officials have said such moves can be necessary in a system plagued by some of the worst race-based gang violence in the country. A federal class-action lawsuit filed in 2011 by the Prison Law Office says race-based restrictions are an ineffective and unjust way of keeping prisoners safe.

A recent review of corrections department reports, done for the Prison Law Office, suggests it’s still common practice. Prisoner advocates say race-based lockdowns may be yet another consequence of California’s crowding crisis. The state’s corrections officer union sided with plaintiffs in the Supreme Court case, claiming overcrowding compromised their ability to effectively run a prison. Thornton, the prisons’ spokesperson, said the violence of a few inmates has a large impact on the entire prison.
Beyond discrimination claims, the Prison Law Office lawsuit alleges lockdowns often last longer than necessary.
After a state appeals court upheld a 2002 state ruling against raced-based punishment at maximum-security Pelican Bay prison in Northern California, officers took a different tack. But Pelican Bay returned to race-based restrictions in 2009, according to court testimony from two prison officials. I appreciate what the administrators think they need to do, and why, but it majorly violates any essential sense of fairness, surely stirring up righteous outrage, which the prison climate does not need. If the California prison system is enforcing a policy that meets the State’s requirement to incarcerate those sentenced to a prison facility - and also minimize the harm inmates can inflict on one another - I say more power to California. Prisons use segregation of populations in other areas as well, known pedofiles, former police officers etc. This is the kind of policy that CREATES gang identity, because it doesn’t allow inmates to have to work together across lines, or build trust or intimacy. I know about a dozen White California inmates in 4 prisons that like the racial segregation policies.
I believe these kind of policies perpetuate the racism thats been festering in the california prison system, if it is not the very thing that is creating it.
There is no win with the touchy-feely uber-liberals who will let inmates cost taxpayers money by paying for them to sue over broken cookies (a real case, BTW). Last September, in his latest attempt to pinch pennies, Arpaio forced vegetarianism on all 7,500-10,000 of the inmates in order to save an estimated $100,000 in food costs. But Arpaio's meal is largely the exception when it comes to feeding inmates during the holidays. Traditions: Other prisons are opting for a more traditional - and more expensive - Thanksgiving meal for their inmates. While it will cost nearly four times as much as Arpaio's meal, prison administrators think its worth it to be sympathetic to prisoners on the holidays.
While US agents have discovered only one prison-born operational terrorist cell – a group called Jamiyyat Ul-Islam Is-Saheeh, or JIS – the possibility exists that others could follow. Amid the controversy, the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) enacted new rules for vetting religious service providers in its institutions. When prisoners attack guards or other inmates, California allows its corrections officers to restrict all prisoners of that same race or ethnicity to prevent further violence.

Just last week, at least four inmates were taken to the hospital after a fight broke out between over 60 black and Hispanic inmates in a Los Angeles jail. In 2011, the Supreme Court upheld a federal court ruling that crowding in the state’s prisons was severe enough to constitute cruel and unusual punishment, and required the state to cut its prison population. Inmates may side with members of their own race or ethnicity for protection during a fight, without being a member of a race-based gang like the Aryan Brotherhood.
The inmates are not officially segregated along racial lines but are divided according to their self-formed prison gangs that the inmate created themselves along racial lines. The state used to segregate inmates along racial lines because of security reasons, but now, we just let the inmates do it themselves. The jail system there is run by Joe Arapaio, the self-titled 'toughest sheriff' in America, who bragged yesterday on Twitter about creating a Thanksgiving menu that comes in at just 56 cents per inmate. The Clark County Jail in Oregon will be serving their inmates a traditional feast of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, vegetables, stuffing, cranberry sauce, rolls and pumpkin pudding. Extra bunks have been installed on prison floors and some prisoners have been housed in camps elsewhere.
According to two recently published studies, concerns may be overblown about the ability of Al Qaeda or like-minded militants to cobble together terror cells by tapping disaffected Muslim-American prisoners. According to the ACLU National Prison Project, California is the only state known to use race-based lockdowns. A prison spokesperson at the time told the Sacramento Bee that violence had decreased as result of the new policy. The average citizen or judge or lawyer for that matter has no idea how race is leveraged in prison and this kind feel good liberal pandering will make institutions less safe. He says that although they've made mistakes, the inmates are 'still human beings; we treat them as people'. The bible is clear that the Lord abhors judges who hate justice, by taking the teeth out of prison the court shows that it hates justice.
Hope the inmates give thanks for this meal being served in the jails tomorrow,' he tweeted.
Arpaio's Thanksgiving menu is just the latest in his ever-obsessive whittling down of inmate food costs.In addition to eliminating meat altogether, Arpaio also cut back to just two meals a day to save money on food delivery. If you don’t, your life will be miserable and short, as you will be the target of every single inmate in the prison.

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