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The transition could be rough for some inmates who’ve smoked for years and are addicted to nicotine. But the warden of Thomas County Prison came up with a plan six months ago that will help his inmates make that transition more smoothly. More than 60% of Thomas County prison’s population is addicted to the nicotine in tobacco.
But Geer saw the potential problems that could accompany inmates going through withdrawals.
The prison is also offering nicotine patches, gum, and anti smoking videos and brochures to aid in the transition.

Now, the prison is focusing on the possibility that visitors or inmates out on work details may smuggle in tobacco, which can be very profitable for a dealer.
Officials say removing tobacco from the commissary is actually increasing the store’s profits because prisoners are buying things like snacks as a substitute.
As has been pointed out in the past, the style of sagging pants is said to have originated in prison culture where prisoners are denied access to belts. Officials with the state Department of Corrections have announced several new and creative ways to reduce costs, including giving inmates hand-me-down uniforms and underwear, buying them shorter socks and replacing self-serve cafeteria juice fountains with juice boxes.
Many people probably think about the icononic American prison uniform as a black and white striped one.

Prison clothing is not incidental to how we construct criminal identities in American culture.
Just a few years ago, WA State was one of the only states where prisoners were allowed to wear their own clothes. And come January 1st, they won’t be allowed to buy any more tobacco products from the prison commissary.

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