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Delaware inmate search of most Federal and Delaware Bureau of Prison (DBOP) facilities offers a free way to find an inmate in state prisons and county jails of Delaware. Under Delaware law, the Bureau can tell you if someone is in custody, where that individual is incarcerated and their mailing address. Use the information below to begin your Delaware inmate search from the privacy of your home or mobile device. Under Delaware law, private information including, but not limited to offender medical information and disciplinary information is confidential.

You will first be asked which county you wish to search then once you have chosen the appropriate county you can then select the FBOP prison facility. You will first be asked which county you wish to search then once you have chosen the county you can then select the prison or jail you are searching for.
The following page will list all of the counties in Delaware, you then simply choose the county where you believe the jail is located. All sheriff department county jails and private jail facilities will be listed for that county.

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