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And yet this summer, our synagogue’s camp may have walked on uncharted turf as we performed what was likely the first mock divorce in Jewish summer camp history. Currently in America, 50% of all marriages end in divorce.  Although divorce is not seen as a desirable end in Judaism, neither is it viewed as a shameful.
Although the possibility of divorce is cautiously embraced by Judaism, the reality of the ceremony is deeply problematic. A divorce petition, or dissolution petition, is the initial paperwork filed and served to begin the divorce process. In order to initiate the divorce process, your spouse must be notified of divorce proceedings by law, and therefore be served the divorce petition. With strict guidelines that vary from state to state and very limited options for having your divorce petition served, a process server can save you time, frustration, and conflict in initiating the legal process.
It is for this reason that rabbis have devised prenuptial clauses to protect wives in the event that their husbands refuse to grant them a divorce.

Our campers were initiating a real conversation about relationships, about struggle, and about creating closure when necessary.
During this period of change a process server can take the frustration of initiating the dissolution of marriage out of your hands.
This petition, also known as a summons, outlines the marriage, defines what is being asked for in the divorce, and states the reason a divorce is being sought. However, because the person filing for divorce and all relatives are prohibited from serving the petition, you can trust a professional process server to handle your papers. The potential lifetime supply of maintenance payments may make the stress and misery of divorce a high-reward gamble for British wives at the end of their tether. Those same ONS stats break down the reasons for divorce, since there are only five legal justifications for ending marriage under UK law: adultery, unreasonable behavior, desertion, or separation (either with or without the consent of the spouse). In fact, slightly more men claim to have been cuckolded in court (15% of male-initiated divorces) than women (14%).

Perhaps the fact that women initiate more divorces has nothing to do with maintenance payments or custody of the children.
Married men who get divorced are generally afraid of losing their kids, with good reason: over 80% of children of separated parents live exclusively or mainly with their mother. Women raising children and without much income can use taxpayer funds (through Legal Aid – for example) to fight a divorce, only paying the Crown back if they get a sufficiently large settlement. Not to sound crude, but this is like going to the Divorce Casino and playing with the house’s cash.

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