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Despite the well known dangers associated with drink driving, it still remains a very common offence in our society.
If you, or anyone you know, have been arrested and charged with a drink driving offence and need highly qualified drink driving lawyers, call us on (02) 9283 3033 for expert legal representation.
When you look at the drink driving statistics, it becomes very clear how dangerous drink driving is and how it should never be considered lightly. Most people believe they have their own way to reduce the blood alcohol level in their system and ‘sober up’. If you find yourself going to Court to face a drink driving charge you should enlist the help of a specialist drink driving lawyer that can help you navigate your way through our complex legal system, helping you achieve the best possible result.

If your liberty, work or lifestyle is at stake due to a drink driving offence, you need a reliable drink driving lawyer on your side. This is a copy of an 8-page booklet produced by the Transport and Road Research Laboratory in 1986. Page 7 states clearly that if a man of average weight drinks two pints of ordinary-strength beer, his maximum blood-alcohol level would reach a maximum of 60 mg, while Page 8 says that "sensible guidelines" are to ensure you drink no more than three units of alcohol before driving.
When looking at figures like the ages of individuals involved in fatal accidents, the genders involved and the various others, it is apparent that more people need to be educated about the dangers of drink driving. Penalties vary depending on your prescribed concentration of alcohol (PCA), whether this is your first offence and the situations surrounding your drink driving offence.

Penalties if you are convicted include the suspension and disqualification of your licence, heavy fines and even gaol time. Depicting all major statistics around drink driving, relationships between the information can be seen and conclusion drawn about the issue. The actual fact is that for two hours after you have stopped drinking, your blood alcohol level continues to rise and no amount of food, coffee, exercise or sleep will reduce your BAC levels.

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