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Probate notices in newspapers can provide you names, dates, and information that you can follow up with at the courthouse.
Genealogy Tip: Even if your ancestor left no will, there still could have been a probate case. I’ve written about newspaper divorce notices on this blog before (see How to Find Your Ancestor’s Divorce Records in the Newspaper).
This entry was tagged Court Notices, Court of Common Pleas, Court Records, Divorce Notices, Divorces, Estates, Family history, Family Research, Genealogy, Historical Newspapers, Land Transactions, Legal Notices, Legal Records, Newspaper Archives, Newspapers, Newspapers for Genealogy, Probate Notices, Probate Records, Taxes, Trustee’s Sale Notices by Gena Philibert-Ortega. The public court records database is constantly being updated daily, providing you with the most recent records available. For a lot of years getting proper access to court records was a task, challenging to say the least, and required going through a good lawyer to get the information you needed. Doing a court records search will reveal the nature of a crime committed, and will reference if it was related to weapons, drugs, immigration, or child molestation.
Marriage records are also accessible, and can tell you the important things you need to know about someone you're planning to marry. You'll have access to an aggregrate of database containing millions of updated court records that you'll be able to search from the comforts of your home, office, or anywhere with internet access.

In the case of these notices from 1908 in Minnesota, the name of the deceased, the person administering the probate, the judge, and the next court date are listed. Divorces notices can show up in various newspaper articles, but don’t forget that a notice requiring an appearance in court will be found in the legal notices.
On GenealogyBank’s Legal, Probate & Court Records search box, there is a link you can click to get court record search tips.
While they are often ignored, these legal notices contain rich information including names, street addresses, and dates with the court that can help us find additional documentation to fill out the details on our family trees. An instructor for the National Institute for Genealogical Studies, Gena has written courses about social media and Google. Only in recent years have federal laws mandated that court records become easier to access.
You'll also have access to the financial background of an individual or business, any lawsuits filed, and any liens or judgments on record. Not all online sources will be able to address court records that cover multiple jurisdictions. A 1957 Wisconsin statute states that a legal notice is defined as “…every summons, order, citation, notice of sale, or other notice and every other advertisement of any description required to be published by law or in pursuance of any law or of any order of any court.”* These public legal notices can lead you to records found at the courthouse, a county assessor or recorder’s office, and even additional newspaper articles.

Using the list found on the left hand side of your results page, choose the  Legal, Probate & Court option to search for your ancestor in legal notices. With a one-time low fee, you will have access to one of the largest public court records database online.
County court records on file can enable you to know some of the most intimate secrets of others they hope will remain hidden from public view. Your court records search will be complete with dates of birth, ages, alias names and maiden names, property ownership, and a death index check. Problem was, the county courthouse serving the area where he died required payment for a search of the probate index—and then, after she paid, responded by telling her there was no court case. Sure enough, she was able to find the probate case—and with a copy of that legal notice, went back to the court clerks who were then able to provide her with the file.

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