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Prison arts organisation Anathema Arts is petitioning for a photo day program in the state of Illinois. As the majority of prisoners will be released back in to society it is in all of our interests to enact simple steps that maintain self-esteem among the incarcerated class. When photographer David Leventi saw Andreas Gursky’s famous shot of Stateville Prison, Illinois, he was captivated by the architectural form and wondered if there were more roundhouse prisons. DL: Domed prisons are the closest examples of Jeremy Bentham’s Panopticon model of mass surveillance prison design – a central guard tower with a complete view of surrounding prison cells. The domed prisons have the same architectural structure as an opera house (without the opulence), but the difference is in who is observing whom.
Opera houses and prison houses become a study in contrasts between beauty and squalor, opulence and poverty, serenity and cacophony. DL: I tried to reach out to the prisons and I tried to reach out to the Minister of Justice but no one would return my emails or telephone calls.
It shows prison workers maintaining the levee along the Mississippi River in southern Illinois. Following on nicely from yesterday’s post about prisoners work details, is this image (right-click for a larger view) by Jo Ann Walters, from her series Dog Town. Chance, or seemingly chance, encounters between photographers and prisoner road crews are not uncommon – portraits by Roger Kisby and Alec Soth spring to mind as similar types of images. Tamms Year Ten (TY10), a Chicago-based activist group campaigning to close down the controversial Tamms Supemax in Illinois, is not only finding out what the precious images are in the minds of men in solitary, they are going out into the world and making those images a reality – making files, prints to be mailed to each man, and prints for awareness-raising exhibitions. Tamms prisoners never leave their cells except to shower or exercise alone in a concrete pen. This year, Governor Pat Quinn announced his plans to shut down the prison but closure has been halted because of lawsuits by the prison guards’ union, AFSCME. Tamms Year Ten is a grassroots coalition formed in 2008 to persuade Illinois legislators and the governor to reform or close Tamms supermax prison. Follow them on Facebook. A Corrections Officer forcibly restrains an unruly prisoner who was screaming and claiming abuse by the officer, Cook County Jail, Chicago, Illinois. In April 2011, Peter van Agtmael was assigned by Newsweek to photograph Tom Dart, the Sheriff of Cook County, Chicago, Illinois.
A Corrections Officer forcibly restrains an unruly prisoner who was screaming and claiming abuse by the officer.
This ambiguous series of photographs goes right to the heart of the efforts I make on Prison Photography to decipher prisons and jails, which for the most part are invisible worlds. Anthony Smith, a prisoner in the Cook County Jail, Chicago, IL, complains to Sheriff Tom Dart about his treatment and sentence. When Lloyd and I met in Chicago, he was preparing for Prison, the first ever exhibition of his prison photographs. Before the authorities allowed him in with his camera, the Department of Corrections sent Degrane on a 600-mile round-trip to Menard Prison, a maximum-security prison in Southern Illinois.

Later that day, I contacted the communications officer for the Illinois Department of Corrections. Following my recent post of David Leventi‘s work, a reader contacted me to alert me of the potential (and presumably happenstance) development of Stateville Correctional Center, Joliet, Illinois as an art object. Consistently through the representations of Stateville is the description of the roundhouse as one of the last remaining prisons in America adhering to the Panopticon model developed by Jeremy Bentham. In 2002, Doug Dubois, along with Jim Goldberg, went to Stateville Correctional Centre, and took a picture (above) of the prison’s interior.
Andreas Gursky, “Stateville, Illinois” (2002), C-print mounted on Plexiglas in artist’s frame. Panoptic guard tower at Stateville Prison, Stateville Prison (US Bureau of Prisons, 1949, p.
Our opinion: a murder convict from Champaign County should be sent to a prison a little closer to CHAMPAIGN COUNTY. Solution: non-violent offenders, especially drug offenders and most especially marijuana 'offenders,' should NEVER be sent to prison. I have spoken with guards from several Illinois prisons and they unanimously state that 85% of the inmates in Illinois prisons originate from Cook County (Chicago) or the surrounding areas. Next DOC doesn’t send people to the closest prison where the crime was committed, They place inmates in the facility that represents their security level and the amount of time they have to serve.
More importantly, the one factor that determines most a prisoner’s successful reentry into society is close family relationships during imprisonment.
I have photographed all the working ones: Stateville Correctional Center in Illinois, Breda Prison in The Netherlands, Arnhem Prison in The Netherlands and Haarlem Prison in The Netherlands. He was a cantor who was interned in a Soviet prisoner-of-war camp called Krasnogorsk from 1942-1948. But, in this work, you’re photographing prisons — places where people are incarcerated and deprived of personal freedoms for commission of a crime. This concept was designed so a central observer could monitor all of the prisoners at once, without any particular prisoner being able to feel under inspection. Once made, the images are opportunities for prisoners to see what they want to, what they used to, or perhaps what they may never see again. These images connect and educate people across supermax divides – the most opaque divides of prison regulation. He worked diligently for an entire decade (1990-2000) within three Illinois prisons – the Joliet Receiving Center, the Stateville Maximum Security Prison and Cook County Jail (the largest walled facility in the world with approximately 11,000 inmates). The extraordinary experience did, however, give Degrane a bargaining chip with which to win access to the Illinois prison system. Modern correctional management must look beyond disciplinary techniques based upon spatial arrangement and look toward truly transformative (educational) engagement with prison populations.
It's a breeding ground for nutcases, and the people who are susceptible to the virus of nuttiness are only going to proliferate in the environment of prisons.

Another prisoner, Danish operatic tenor Helge Rosvaenge, heard my grandfather sing an aria from Tosca and gave him lessons.
A very different but equally interesting angle to take in the inquiry into images from within solitary is to consider the imagined and idealised images that persist within the minds of prisoners.
They are, however, a depressing suggestion of the fraught and intense-contact situations that play out in prisons and jails across the U.S.
I will however criticise politicians and a voting public that allows mammoth-sized prisons and jails to operate.
It was a chant to get everyone psyched up and strike fear into the heart of the rioting prisoners.
Instead, let us consider the fact that prisoners are probably the demographic in America with least access to self-representation — they do not have the standing, nor the tools to create, share and replace images at will. The experience of prisoners and staff would be less frantic in smaller institutions, and in institutions designed to treat (as well as categorise) and not necessarily detain as their main task.
After all, many members of the citizenry consider anything beyond punishment as being unwarranted or not needed in our prisons. The superMax, Tamms was closed down awhile back and gang leaders and those who committed violent crimes in the prisons were returned back to General Population.
The buildings were based on Jeremy Bentham's 1787 design for the panopticon prison house. This is a clear message to all inmates that those who operate the prisons are now weak and this is just the beginning of things to come.
The first thing I saw was a white biker gang member being beaten by four or five black prisoners and the beating got closer and closer to the cell I was in. It's used for segregating inmates from the general prison population and for holding inmates who are awaiting trial or transfer.
Illinois government in 13 years has flushed that money down the toilet closing prisons, and taking away essential programs that kept the inmate, and the Officers in check and safe.
Soon Illinois prisons will be totally out of control, government is trying to take away the pensions and pay scale and opportunities to advance in your career. As an Officer, you don’t get paid for what you do, you got paid for what could happen in prison and this is not true anymore. IMO, government is going to sell the prison system to a private agency so as to pay off its debts and then watch out.

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