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Probably the most important information from a Facebook user perspective is the integration of a user's address and mobile phone number as part of the User Graph object. If a Facebook app requests the information they are displayed on the request for permission prompt. Users who allow access basically hand over their address and mobile phone number, if they have added the data to their Facebook account.
Active Facebook users see those prompts on a regular basis, and it is likely that the majority clicks on the Allow button without reading the permission request first to play the game or access the app. Rogue apps can exploit the issue to gather addresses and phone numbers next to basic information such as the user's name. Users who play games or use apps may want to consider changing or removing mobile phone and address information from Facebook.

Considering that the information are sensitive, it would have been better if Facebook would have added an option to request the data manually from the user instead. User may wish to consider the wisdom of ever putting that kind of information on Facebook in the first place. I doubt it would be trigger-able or available via the mobile web page in the device's browser, but I wonder how it works. In addition, you can get updated by us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Linkedin. A recent blog posting over at Facebook by Jeff Bowen outlines some of the platform updates for developers. It basically means that application developers can now request permission to access the user's contact information on Facebook.

Those who do not play games or apps do not need to change anything as it is currently not possible to request permission to access the address and mobile phone number of friends currently.
A simple prompt asking the user to enter the mobile phone number or address would certainly be more acceptable to the majority of users.
Get all your queries solved here for example - about Latest News & Tips, Updates and How To titles. It would have the additional benefit of making the Facebook user aware of the request since it would mean that the user had to enter data in a form manually.

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