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Given some of the iPhone 5’s other improvements—thinner body, larger screen, and greater number of pixels to illuminate—it wouldn't seem that the new phone could also match, much less exceed, its predecessor's battery life.
But there are some tips that can carry out, for our cell phone battery last longer and not have setbacks that may affect daily activities to keep. You have to know, the more you charge the phone, but the shorter the battery life is, you have to connect the time required for charging and for 6 hours. Recharge the battery when low and not all the time, because this only helps to damage the battery. If possible, you can have an extra battery, that way we would always have a battery ready to use and avoid the transfer charger, and finding an outlet whenever we have a flat battery.
All phones come with an accompanying manual, which (if we read it fully and conscientiously), we report the average duration of the battery, so you know how long you can use it without in fear of running out of battery. When buying a cell phone (most do not) is important to ask, find out about what is the battery life of it, maybe it should opt for another model with a longer battery life, the first model chosen.

Let everyone know other alternative phone, such as work or home, so when you are in those places you can turn off the phone and stay connected by conventional lines. Avoid other uses other than what the useful and necessary communication through phone calls and messages.
How save wet cell phone ( pictures) - wikihow, Edit article how to save a wet cell phone. How smartphone battery longer digital, Batteries lie heart device leave home .
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But these phones not only serve to talk or send messages, currently its use is very varied, and each of them, consume, without realizing it, the battery of the same.

The charge for longer does not mean that last longer, except that the battery should be replaced faster. The ideal is to control, as are disappearing bars that make the battery charge lasts for how much longer, so we know the charge time is left.
At the moment we are not in use, disconnect from the mains, this charger will last longer and we also contribute to saving energy. Then, with the same 120-minute video playing at fullscreen on repeat, I timed each device to see how long it would take to drain the battery and power off.

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