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Your Transaction Reference Number (or TRN) is the unique reference number given to each online application and is provided at the time you first start an online application.
If you have had a visa label placed in your passport, your Visa Evidence Number is found in the top right corner of that label. Your IMEI is used to identify your phone from all the others out there, and knowing it can be very useful.
Find your IMEI in your Settings menu If you prefer to navigate helpfully worded menus than enter cryptic codes into your number pad, don't worry. If you’ve missed a call from a mystery number, simply enter the details and click Search. The Visa Grant Number is a unique number that is included in the letter or email we sent to you to advise that you have been approved for a visa to Australia (your Visa Grant Notification Letter).
If you don't know what your HTC's IMEI number is and you need to find out, we've got you covered!

We've got you covered with this additional guide to finding your IMEI number, this time through your HTC's Settings menu! There are many search sites where you can look up personal information by searching for a phone number, and some of these sites will tell you the phone carrier that owns the phone number.
Then select which Reference type you want to use (Hint: you can then use the down arrow at the end of box to choose which type) and enter Reference number in the field that will now appear. FInd your IMEI from your call screen This is a quick and easy way to find your phone's IMEI number from your number pad. Next you will need to enter your date of birth, your passport or ImmiCard number and the country that issued you your passport – if you are using your ImmiCard, you will need to choose Australia. You will also need one of the select departmental reference numbers that we have previously given to you.
You do not need a password to access your own details in VEVO as you can use your Transaction Reference Number, Visa Grant Number or Visa Grant Number instead.

Follow the short steps below to find your IMEI using this method: From your home screen, press the phone icon to bring up your number pad or dialling screen. Once you hit the last character in the code, the screen will update and a pop-up will appear with your phone's IMEI written inside.
To search for the phone company that owns a phone number, use the first search field on the page and enter the area code, prefix and the first digit of the last part of the number.

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