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Robert Hooke - The first person to see cells, he was looking at cork and noted that he saw "a great many boxes. Rudolf Virchow - also reported that every living thing is made of up vital units, known as cells.
Prokaryotes are comparatively simple organisms with all cellular processes taking place in a single compartment. Eukaryotic cells are complicated structures, with many internal membranes, a liquid phase and organelles. The cytoplasm of a cell is not really an organelle - it is the fluid the organelles are bathed in.

The golgi body (or the golgi apparatus) makes some of the chemicals produced within the cell. Lysosomes contain enzymes that break down cell material (if these enzymes were not contained within lysosomes, they would eat away the cell).
Eukaryotic cells have a true nucleus; a membrane bound structure containing the nuclear genetic material while prokaryotes do not have a true nucleus. So typically, we partition eukaryotic cells into two major compartments, a nucleus and cytoplasm. Organelles that contain genetic material are the nucleus, mitochondria and chloroplasts which are only present in the cytoplasm of plant cells.

Each organelle has a function of its own, allowing the cell to live and work within our bodies.
Water, energy, and nutrients enter the cell, and waste material leaves the cell through the cell membrane.
The chromosomes are made up of the genetic information (the DNA) that makes you who you are.

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