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Booktopia - History of Organized Crime, The True Story and Secrets of Global Gangland by David Southwell, 9781847323194. From the back streets of London to neon-soaked Las Vegas, organized crime is the world's biggest and most profitable business. This explosive investigation reveals the past, present and future of organized crime, from the mysterious origins of the Sicilian Mafia and the Chinese Triads to the new emerging global powers in organized crime including the Russian Organizatsiya and the Mexican Cartels.
Bypassing the codes of silence that often surround the activities of those involved, in The History of Organized Crime David Southwell sets out the history, rules and secrets of every major criminal network across the globe and tackles their crimes, methods and key figures in chilling and compelling detail. David Southwell is the author of a number of best-selling books on the nature of organized crime, including Dirty Cash: Organized Crime in the 21st Century.

A Counter-History of Crime Fiction takes a new look at the evolution of crime fiction, drawing on material from the Middle Ages up to the early twentieth century, when the genre was theoretically defined as detective fiction.
He has spent over 15 years researching conspiracies and international crime, the last several as a political insider. Considering 'criminography' as a system of inter-related, even incestuous, sub-genres, Maurizio Ascari explores the connections between modes of literature such as revenge tragedies and providential fictions, the gothic and the ghost story, urban mysteries and anarchist fiction, while taking into account the influence of pseudo-sciences such as mesmerism and criminal anthropology. It excavates material that critics have not previously considered in the context of classic crime writing and also explores innovatively the role of the super-rational in the development and meaning of the genre.
The result is a fascinating inquiry into the nature of a genre whose formulaic nature has not prevented imaginative, not to say heretical, variations on the themes of crime and detection.

Of course it is also appropriate for any adult who has an interest in True Crime as it has a fair amount of text with adjacent photos but to be fair it would be more considered as an encyclopedic introduction to organised crime rather than an indepth account of the total subject.
Theoretically informed, with an innovative approach to its subject matter, and written in an accessible style, A Counter-History of Crime Fiction is essential reading for those researching in, studying, or just intrigued by crime fiction and its development.

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