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Henderson has traditionally labeled itself as “A place to call home.” Its newest addition is a fresh testimony to the heritage. The city of Henderson Nevada is home to the District at Green Valley Ranch, which was the first metropolitan lifestyle center to open in the greater Las Vegas vicinity. The city of Henderson Nevada is also home to two Nevada tourist attractions: The Ethel M Botanical Cactus Gardens and the Ethel M Chocolate Factory. The nearby Ethel M Chocolate Factory in Henderson Nevada manufactures gourmet chocolate candy. While it's not quite as active as Las Vegas, at the end of the day the city of Henderson does not lack for casinos. The Henderson Metro area population is approximately 2 million with very diverse cultures, ages, religions, and economic status. Although home values have declined in recent years, Henderson still maintains a healthy home value.
The Henderson job market is fairly matched with the nation in terms of industries with the exception of gaming. Because Henderson attracts so many retirees, the city is loaded with find restaurants of every imaginable style. Ethel M Botanical Cactus Gardens Henderson - A botanical garden that showcases more than 100 varieties of cacti. In addition to a variety of grocery chains, Henderson offers its residents nationwide chain stores such as Best Buy, Costco, Home Depot, Marshalls, Old Navy, Sams Club, Target, TJMaxx, Kmart, and Ross.

Public education in Henderson, NV consists of 29 elementary schools, nine middle schools, and nine high schools all under the jurisdiction of the Clark County School District. Public transportation in Henderson is governed by the Regional Transpiration Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC). Air sports such as parasailing, skydiving, and hot air ballooning are very popular in Henderson.
Just minutes from the Las Vegas pulse, Henderson has the Black Mountain Range in its backyard.
Henderson was Nevada’s first community to partner with developers to provide no-cost land for schools, parks, and city service providers. It is also Nevada's second largest city, and is often referred to as the gateway community into Southern Nevada. If you happen to visit Vegas, I really advise to book an extra 1 just to explore the state of Nevada. Surrounded by government lands and publicly owned lands, Henderson offers its residents a quick escape from the city. There are two airports; the Henderson Executive Airport and the McCarran Internal Airport which is the main airport and is located northwest of the city. Henderson Nevada is separated by the mountains and deserts from Boulder City, as well as the popular Lake Mead Recreation area. The area that is now Henderson was rich in magnesium and an Ohio manufacturer named Howard Eells built the Basic magnesium Plant in 1942.

The Rose de Lima Campus and the Siena Campus are located in Henderson, and the San Martin Campus is located in Warm Springs.
The RTC not only provides all mass transit in Henderson, they also work hard to promote alternative transportation such as walking, biking, and carpooling. Although the city was incorporated in 1953, it did not actually receive its charter from the Nevada State Legislature until 1965. The Fiesta Casino Henderson also features award-wining dining at affordable prices at the Baja Beach Cafe. Henderson takes pride in providing its citizens with an excellent infrastructure, highly rated schools, affordable housing, shopping and dining that are over the top, and a safe community. Even if you are not interested in gambling, if you are a Nevada tourist in search of affordable eating options in the city of Henderson Nevada, take a look at the Fiesta Casino Henderson. The Botanical Gardens in the city of Henderson also features a Living Machine which is a waste water treatment facility.

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