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Swish List Member and Niagara wedding photographer Nataschia Wielink is the artist behind the lens on this one and she has managed to send us completely over the edge with these gorgeous photographs of Heather and Joseph’s outdoor Niagara wedding celebrations!
Heather Joseph serves as the Executive Director of the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC), an international coalition of academic and research libraries based in Washington, D.C.
Heather continues to be active in the publishing community, and is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the Public Library of Science.
Heather Joseph: “If you’d told me that I’d be working in a Catholic bookstore 30 years ago I probably would have resigned from the human race. The calm character worked in a book store, just as Brisbane Catholic Heather Joseph, calm by nature, does. Mass-goers at St Stephen’s Cathedral are familiar with Heather’s serenity which shows through the way she proclaims the Scriptures daily with her smooth, rich voice.

Heather counts it as a grace to have the opportunity to proclaim the Word of God each day, and it probably would never have happened if she had not been working at the book stores in the cathedral precinct and been able to attend daily Mass there so easily. Heather, who grew up in the small NSW town of Delegate, near the Victorian border, as the eldest of 11 children of Margaret and the late Allan Michael, trained as a nurse at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney from the age of 18.
Heather nursed her bedridden father-in-law Joe Joseph for 10 years, an experience she counts as one of her “greatest delights”. The Society of St Paul accepted her advice and took over the store, and Fr Bruno Colombari, who Heather describes as “a champion”, became manager. Heather had a break from working at the store, but Fr Colombari invited her to come back and she accepted. Heather said working at St Paul’s “has been a real lesson in the way people live out their faith”.

One of the key things that Heather has become more aware of is that our “first response (in situations) is human, the second response is divine”. Heather’s years at St Paul’s have been “a marvellous insight into my own human nature and then the relational human nature of everyone – how we relate to one another”.
As SPARC’s Director since 2005, Heather has focused on providing support for emerging publishing models, enabling digital archives, and establishing open access policies on the national and international levels.

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