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Since the original iPhone had gone on sale five years ago, Google has remained the default search provider for iOS devices.
When last October Siri came along, she changed how users think about local search (to its credit, Google is thought to be readying a Siri-like personal assistant for Android devices code-named Majel). These content providers gain a lot by providing service to Siri and all of them also compete directly with Google. That includes restaurants, movies, sports, business listings, maps and locations – where quick, digestible bite-sized results are desired, rather than the more involved research that users perform with Google. Now, that’s not to say Apple will remove Google search from iOS in the foreseeable future, though at some point it certainly becomes a viable option.
If the iPhone maker strikes a default iOS search deal with another provider, it would strip Google away of ample search traffic. First cracks in the partnership began showing in May 2009, when TechCrunch reported that Bing might replace Google as the default search engine in iOS 4.

We all know when the maps deal with Google expires: in fall when iOS 6 is slated to launch with Apple Maps. This fall will also mark two years since Schmidt suggested Google would remain the standard search provider on the Apple hardware for some time to come. Exactly how much is Mountain View paying to Cupertino for search traffic from iOS devices is anyone’s guess for these agreements are kept largely secret, but we might find out once Apple talks to the Federal Trade Commission. Educated guesses are in the ballpark of a hundred million bucks annually (probably accurate) to as much as a billion dollars just last year alone (that number is likely bogus).
Come on, for average people search is just a box they can use to look up information – they cannot even figure out how to change their default search provider. Siri and Spotlight Search are way more useful in iOS 9 with suggestions that update results as you type. With Siri, an AI-driven personal digital assistant, Apple has begun slowly but surely eating into Google’s significant search traffic coming from iOS devices.

You could argue that Google still provides the best search experience on the iOS platform and you’d probably be right. We do a search deal with them, recently extended, and we’re doing all sorts of things in maps and things like that. Or Bing, Google has a much simpler and cleaner interface than the other two, and the results are much more accurate. I believe Google’s Knowledge Graph is the first step towards the future, and believe that it will take time for siri to be a true personal assistant.

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