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Although there are a lot of instant messengers out there, possibilities are still limited, since it all comes down to just a few big names such as Microsoft (and its MSN Messenger), Yahoo!, Skype and a few others.
When opening a chat window, one can easily type messages, send files just by dragging them in the conversation window, share photos, start a video call, play a game and many other activities just with a single click. Yahoo!, for instance, has one of the most popular instant messaging applications out there, with millions of people now using Yahoo! Messenger is a software solution that allows users to send and receive messages via an Internet connection, but the application has evolved so much lately that it is now a lot more than that.

If one goes for the file downloader provided by Yahoo, they need to remember to double check their options, because it might offer some changes to the browser and the default search engines. Messenger’s interface relies on the same elements as all the other instant messaging apps out there.
Messenger remains a top choice in the instant messaging category and it is seriously worth a try for those looking for a free way to chat on the Internet.
It comes with built-in photo sharing, file transfer capability, video calling support, online gaming, skins and many others.

There is a contact list for viewing who is online, along with a few options for picking a status message or a user image (commonly referred to as an avatar).
No more clutter or juggling – with tabbed IMs, you get to chat with all your friends from one easy and convenient window..

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