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Note, this is "not a free vehicle history report" — the companies providing vehicle history reports are required to charge a fee, per the Anti-Car Theft Act. If you're looking for a mechanical history report, or trying to figure out how many past owners a used vehicle has had, this free service will not provide the information you're looking for.
Always keep your eyes and ears open and be cautious, since sellers could doctor the VIN Check and try to mislead you.
Using the free VIN Checks below, you can get information about your vehicle's specifications, title brands, recalls, and even if the vehicle has been reported stolen. This is the "free VIN Check service" provided by the National Insurance Crime Bureau, and issues free reports on cars that have current records of theft" or "have an outstanding title brand".

If the vehicle in question was made after 1981 but has fewer or more than 17 numbers and letters in its VIN, it's generally a pretty good sign that the VIN has been faked. If the vehicle in question has an outstanding title brand or was recently reported stolen, read the short vehicle report based on that VIN. If you're interested in a vehicle but really don't want to shell out for a VIN check, check to see whether the seller of the vehicle has a VIN check that they can produce.
There are, however, limits to what information you can get for free, and that peace of mind usually comes with a small fee. Bottom line: if you're interested in potentially purchasing a used vehicle, factor in the cost of VIN checks into your total budget.

But, these free VIN checks should help you get on your way to having more information and buying your next car. Vehicles made before 1981 that do not have a 17-digit VIN will not work with these Free VIN Check Methods.

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