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These are defined as all documents, letters, papers, books, maps, computer files, or other recordings received by a public office in the course of public business.
Since the country enacted the Freedom of Information Act, most individual, business, and government documents have been made public upon request.
Rare Species Information - In an effort to protect endangered wildlife, Georgia has banned information on rare animal species and their habitats. Medical Records -The Georgia government may also exclude any information that relates to specific medical histories, as this would be a breach of public privacy. Georgia public records contain a considerable amount of information, but not all information is included.

Georgia death records have been filed on the State level from the year 1919 to the present.
Those living in Georgia will find that Georgia public records contain a tremendous amount of information, both on individuals and corporations, so anyone looking to access data on a particular person or business will often find the information they need.
Luckily, Georgia public records exclude this information from being made available, since it would jeopardize the public safety. Interestingly, veterinary records are also excluded, so your pet's information is also kept safe. If you would like to receive information that may not be made public, you should contact the government body in charge of that information directly.

The Georgia Open Records Act, found in the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, sections 50-18-70 through 50-18-76, ensures that citizens may inspect public records. Scroll down to find those, or use the tools on the side to get to other levels of government records. FOSS presents a natural platform for building large distributed projects because of the low barrier to entry-- open code, open standards, and freely-available robust, high-quality high-performance software.

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