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Siri, the iPhone's sassy voice recognition assistant, has some serious competition from Google Search, the company's latest app for iPhone, Android and tablets. The app also helps with your commute, utilizing real-time traffic and transit information to tell you if you need to give yourself more time to account for accidents, detours or train delays.
While the app is super helpful in nearly any situation, the only issue we found is that sometimes the app misunderstood what we were asking — so make sure to speak clearly when utilizing it. In this feature, we look at some terrific apps for making free online phone calls using the iPhone.
Free online phone call services are officially known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). With a VoIP app on your iPhone, you can make and receive free audio calls to people using the same app. Placing a free audio call on the iPhone is ideal when you and the other person are in different countries. If both you and your friend are using Apple devices, FaceTime's Audio Only mode is the easiest way to make free phone calls. Locate the person you want to call (use the Search box at the top to find them if your list is too long).

You can chat to each other using FaceTime Audio just like you would with a normal phone call. If you just finished searching for directions on your laptop or desktop using Google Maps, they'll be waiting for you on your phone as well. Using the voice search and not your hands, you can pull up demonstration videos from YouTube on how to mince garlic, find out the best substitute for olive oil plus set a reminder in your calendar to pick up more at the store.
If you make many phone calls on your iPhone, it's worth taking the time to set up a free online phone service. All of these phone apps and services enable you to make free calls to anybody else using the same service, but each has its own special features. Placing overseas phone calls can be expensive, but with a good phone app you can place a call for free. You can download the Skype app from the App Store and use Skype to place free phone calls to other Skype users. Viber enables you to send texts and calls for free to other Viber users (the service claims over 200 million). With the app, you can have phrases translated into other languages, find out real-time currency conversions as well as get suggestions on local hotspots and restaurants.

Because the iPhone is a modern smartphone, apps can use the iPhone's persistent internet connection to make and receive free phone calls online. Some of them can also connect to a landline or mobile network to place regular phone calls; others are easy to set up, and some enable you to send free text messages. Just be careful when you are abroad that you do not end up paying data roaming charges (because the phone call is over the internet it uses your data charge, and data can be expensive when you are overseas). Skype has an advantage over FaceTime in that it can work with Skype on other devices, such as Android phones and non-Apple computers; Skype is therefore a more rounded service.
There's no registration service required, and you can add phone call credit as an In App Purchase. But WePhone is an easy system to set up, so if you're looking for a service to make phone calls on a regular basis to non-tech savvy friends, then WePhone is a good option. Skype can also place calls to landlines and mobile phones, but for this you'll need to put credit on your Skype account.

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