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Phone Book Pro 97 is a top-rated 32-bit contact and personal information manager software for Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0 ou 2000. Use Phone Book PRO 97 to print a credit-card sized Phone Booklet, drop it in your wallet or purse, and access all your friends’ phone numbers wherever you are! On the business panel, the information is more work-oriented, that is, what company is your contact working at, where that company is, its phone numbers, general e-mail address and web site. You can see what a booklet looks like, what kind of information is included in that booklet, and what its dimensions are. Idyle Phone Book Pro 97 is one of the tools you need if you're one of the 43 millions SOHO workers.
I have a lot of personal and professional contacts and usually have their information written on scraps of paper, or else I have lots of business cards to manage. If your anything like me then you probably have a desk full of post it notes, messages, and scraps of paper with phone numbers and address's all over. Address book is frequently used to collect your contact information about your friends and family members. Some people cannot understand the importance of address book therefore they cannot enjoy the benefits of this book.
In address book, you can create as many sections as you can, considering your convenience and memory. Address book can be yellow pages of phone book but unlike the yellow pages of phone book, you can add specific and accurate details according to your needs.

Address book can save your time of mingling with long list of contacts in order to search a specific number. With Free Address Book you can note the addresses, phone numbers, mobile, fax, company name, country, city, website address and email addresses of your contacts and partners. This is a VBA  Excel Phone list series that will develop this fantastic phone contact interface. Before we conclude this section we are going to add the code to close the PhoneList Userform. Adding the information from the PhoneList Userform to the database is what we are going to look at now. I have attach the amended book or if you wish to sen me your copy I will adjust it for you.
It lets you keep records of business or personal addresses, telephone numbers, birthdays, plus e-mail and Web page information.
It is an easy way to store every kind of detail by categorizing it according to importance and type such as you can easily discriminate business as well as personal contacts. In order to enjoy maximum benefits of address book you can keep your address book in the close proximity of your phone, in your car and work table.
You can also write your email address, cell phone number and website name of your business contacts.
Through address book you can build strong relationships with your potential clients and customers because you can access your important contacts easily.

Some people think that in presence of phone book there is no need of preparing address book but they are wrong because address book can make your work easy to search specific number of your friends and family members. You can make address book as flexible as you can because you can record important number, addresses, events , marriage party details and lot mote.
Phone Book Pro 97 can print data in six different formats, so you can get it just the way you like it. It is necessary to have your own address book that is really easy to prepare using Microsoft Office because it has lots of user friendly features therefore you can design as well as maintain a perfect address book without any external assistant. Is there a specific reason that you choose the method you use to define dynamic ranges over using tables or is it just personal preference. Phone Book97 on the other hand understands that the internet is becoming a big part of how many people works and integrates many nice features to let you totally organize your addresses, phone #'s, and internet information into one neat package. It helps you to manage your relations with your personal as well as professional contacts anywhere anytime because you can transfer soft copy of your address book to your mobile to access it anywhere.

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