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Given the recent buzz over these sites, many people’s worries about their privacy, and a lot of misunderstanding on the subject, DeleteMe is publishing a list of best and worst people search websites.  We’re also ranking the 12 databases from which DeleteMe removes customers. In the end, though, we have to give Spokeo some credit for its simple online removal process.  Search for yourself, copy the URL of your search results, and go to their privacy page to get started. Our current DeleteMe people search deletion services removes you from the 12 largest of these sites.  Many smaller search sites rely on the big guys for their data, so deleting you from the big databases prevents them from feeding your information to sites across the web.
The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (PRC) maintains a complete list of all people search websites online, providing these companies’ Terms of Service, Privacy Policies, and opt-out procedures (if they exist).  If you’re concerned about your online privacy rights, we encourage you to donate to PRC today. In my opinion background check can be really helpful and useful in a variety of situations.
If people who wish to maintain their privacy in all matters, they should not use the Internet at all! Yes indeed,I clicked on this link, to find which site was best but I still don’t know.

Sadly, I’m not as upset about the informational IT sites as I am with the phoney phone calls asking for donations, or those selling me something. I just sighed up for Spokeo, but found that they have no ability to search other than the 5 criteria they display above the input box, i.e.
If you want to find someone for free I have a group on facebook called WHERE ARE YOU I find friends and family that you have lost touch with. Sometimes we have people on the web for different reasons and it is easier to find people using effective tools such as the Internet. I personally needed to perform background search about a person I was going to hire and Radaris was of greate help. I want to use these sites but it seems, this information is not as easy to find as I’d hoped. This is still a free country, even if the entrepreneurs using peoples’ information as a means of income are not as scrupulous as they should be.

I too came here to find out the best site, having used Spokeo for a year and found it wanting. But i don’t know, i feel not satisfied with that until i try to build website people finder that i need. For free resources to find people online that you can use search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN, but keep in mind that free searches will take longer for you to find people. For one, it compiles all the results from different search engines into one page of results, so that you only need to search once to get all the data in one place.
If you give me good information to search for them then I can find more information for you.

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