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Before hiring or leasing to a driver, a taxi manager should carefully review a recent driving record issued by the state motor vehicle licensing authority. California usually issues a driver license for five years, but in this case (above) the term between issue and expiry is four years. This driver, a recent immigrant, presents a clean print-out but he has a relatively short track record.
This driver's print-out shows a four-year term between license issue and expiry, but five years is typical for California. A look at the ten-year record (below) revealed a single violation in a non-commercial vehicle, and no other problems.

I'd like to hear from taxi managers about how you use documents to screen and assess prospective drivers.
Instead of the usual five-year term, this driver has a ten-year term indicated, from year 2000 to his birth date in 2010. Sometimes the shortened period is because the person has obtained a change in license classification, such as adding a certification to operate a motorcycle. The driver explained everything away more-or-less credibly, and even had a letter with him that exonerated him for one of the accidents. That means there were no big problems with the first five-year license and that the renewal in 2005 was allowed via mail without a personal appearance by the driver.

However, no obvious reason for the shorter period appears on this print-out, so there is reason to believe that the licensing agency is keeping this driver on a shortened leash. You can read the full article discussing what is the penalty of being caught without a valid Va driving license or read our page about driving on a suspended license in Virginia.
On its face, this is not a terribly alarming picture when presented by a long-time cab driver.

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