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One of the things that I dislike about the Android operating system is that you do not really know which apps are running in the background until you open the Task Manager. The thing is that it makes sense to be aware of the programs that are running in the background as it can have privacy implications and also performance related implications, for instance when a program is draining the battery because it is using the phone's cpu frequently.
The easiest way to check up on all apps, that is programs that you have installed on the phone or table, or that the device shipped with by default, is to open the Task Manager.
Not all of them are running in the background, and the reason for opening the list of recently opened apps is that this is one of the fastest options to load the task manager. What you can do however is check up on the apps listing to find apps that you do not want to run in the background, or at all.
It makes no sense to keep apps running that you have no intention of using again during the session. When I find a non-Android phone that I like and that works with my carrier, I will gladly say goodbye to the evil Android.
You can't access the task manager via the Recent Apps in Stock and Cyanogenmod, they have no separate task manager too as its in the Running tab of the Apps settings. But I agree that most apps shouldn't be shut down and "auto-killers" actually make the OS unstable and prone to glitches. Unlike Defiant I think that Android has an awful memory management and nearly every app consumes too much RAM for no reason. Description : Free Wallpaper Download Free Background Check App in high resolution for free. DISCLAIMER: All wallpapers and backgrounds found here are believed to be in the "public domain".

The Windows 8 operating system has the same issue actually when it comes to store apps that you run on the system. To do that tap and hold the Home button of the device for a couple of seconds until the list of recently started applications appear. If you want to return to the web page you visited recently you may want to keep the browser open, and if music plays in the background you probably do not want to terminate the music player.
I'm for instance not using the ChatOn application so that it makes sense to terminate the app and maybe even uninstall or disable it from the phone if it turns out that the app is automatically running in the background all of the time.
You can open the application manager under settings and switch to the running tab there to see a list of processes and services running on the phone.
I'm still of the opinion that it is important to know what is running in the background, and that you should kill the apps that you won't use anymore during the session.
The best practice is to just not use apps that drain battery or push tons of notifications. Having Facebook or Twitter open and displayed in the "active application" screen are "ACTIVE" apps, not "background apps".
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The same is true for chat applications that keep you available so that others can message you. First off, I don't keep background tasks running that stay in the notification bar like AVG, Steam, Skype, etc.

Android is simply tool that makes Google's data collection efforts easier and more thorough.
If you use an Android phone, you are essentially giving up a hug amount of your personal privacy. You can't actually see any of the "background apps" that are currently running on your Android, and this is what I need. If you like it, all you need to do is help us grow by sharing this wallpaper Free Background Check App.
When you close the "active apps," there are still several "background apps" running, even if not displayed on your "active apps" list, that's because they are "background apps".
Android usually leaves closed apps open in memory because it's faster to open them later, as they don't need to be reloaded in memory.
Now from the active apps list, click on the little icon that looks like a pie chart, that's your RAM. Hit "clear memory" and see how many applications it closed, that's how many "background apps" were running on your phone after you cleared the "active apps".

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