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With Free Address Book you can note the addresses, phone numbers, mobile, fax, company name, country, city, website address and email addresses of your contacts and partners. Free Address Book is a program which offers you a simple solution to managing a contacts book.
On top of that, you can configure printing options when it comes to the visible fields (all, only the filled or selected fields), minimize Free Address Book to the system tray area, as well as pick the default group on startup. The program runs on a moderate amount of CPU and system memory, is pretty responsive to commands and worked properly during our evaluation; Free Address Book did not freeze, crash or pop up error dialogs. An address book can be used to maintain record of important contacts in business and in home also. Here is a preview of this address book template. Click on the download button to go to download page to use this address book template totally free.

Business Profile Template A business profile will contain basic information about the business like business name, its head office, phone number, website address, email address, company status, and contact information of a person who is in charge of the business, business details like HR, Finance, Technical and other aspects. An address book will contain basic information about each contact like name of the contact person, street address, email address, home phone, cell phone, office phone etc. Luckily, specialized applications like Portable Free Address Book let you create and manage a thorough contacts database. And while it can be cumbersome to browse around the application, using the help file is less effective than actually getting your feet wet and using it.In addition to saving contact information such as email addresses, phone numbers and physical addresses, you may also add a photograph of your contact to the database. Here is the official description for Free Address Book: With Free Address Book - Free Phone Book you can note the addresses, phone numbers, mobile, fax, company name, country, city,website address and email addresses of your contacts and partners. You can easy print list of contacts and Details of selected contact.Phone Book is absolutely free!

First column in this table is to note down name of person who is sponsoring, the next column to record address.
You may download this address book template and use it in the same form as it is or make changes in its format.

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