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A DUI manslaughter case will go forward in a deadly crash in which the driver of a bus carrying the Florida High track team was killed.
Sarah Walker was initially arrested for DUI and DUI with property damage in connection with the crash on April 18. Court records show she entered a plea to DUI with property damage at her first appearance on April 26th. Tallahassee, FL - A school bus carrying the Florida High School track team crashed early Friday morning. Stephen Bowen, the Associate Director at Florida High, says, "You can imagine any type of accident, if you've ever been in one, it can be a scary situation.
One parent of a Florida High student, Angela Ward, says, "It makes me feel sad because here we go again with another drunk driver out endangering the lives of people, not only the students.
Tallahassee Police and the Florida Highway Patrol are on the scene of an accident involving a Florida High school bus.
Anyone who isn’t a fan of jury duty would definitely not want any part of the panel in the now notorious John Goodman DUI manslaughter case.

As it stands, the Florida tycoon who was originally found guilty and sentenced to 16 years behind bars has been granted a retrial.
John Goodman’s DUI defense attorney accused 69 year old juror Dennis DeMartin of withholding information in order to participate in the original trial.
Due to intense publicity from Florida’s numerous multimedia sources, Palm Beach County Judge Jeffrey Colbath is making every possible attempt to shut the rumor mill down until next week.
Goodman’s DUI defense attorneys claim that using a sequestered jury could put the jurists in favor of the prosecution. But drinking and then driving — both off limits for a woman on probation for DUI manslaughter — weren't what landed her a six-year prison sentence. I think what the judge found today was that the DUI manslaughter case is going to remain intact and we're going to proceed with it as we would normally," prosecutor Georgia Cappleman said after the hearing. In a motion filed with the court, they said it could have a "huge impact" on the DUI manslaughter case. Florida defense attorneys are prepping to sound off on behalf of the Houston millionaire who stands accused of vehicular homicide.

Deputies have determined that a Florida State University High School bus was traveling west on Apalachee Parkway, approaching the intersection of Conner Boulevard.
DeMartin’s ex-wife had been convicted of a DUI was never disclosed by DeMartin at the time of his selection and was only revealed in an all telling novel the juror scribed after the guilty verdict was made.
Fowler was killed in a traffic crash on April 18, 2014 involving a Florida State University High School bus at the intersection of Apalachee Parkway and Conner Boulevard.
John Goodman’s defense attorney has also implied that the juror had an ulterior motive when he joined the panel and sees the novel as further proof that a bitter ex-husband of a DUI offender simply wanted publicity and a guilty verdict. The Florida court claims that the lie the jurist told transformed a fair trial into a “constitutionally impermissible proceeding”.

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