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Parents are obligated to pay for the support of minor children regardless of physical custody. The DOR then files the order with the appropriate agencies and begins collecting support via payroll deduction or from the non-custodial parent. The attorneys serve the non-custodial parent with a summons notifying them of the child support action. Once the DOR receives the order back from the courts (it usually takes around two weeks), it begins collecting child support via payroll deduction. Unless there is a compelling reason, I recommend not filing for divorce during the holidays. 2) If the separated couple decides to divorce, they will need to pay an additional filing fee. Practicing in Jacksonville, Florida has afforded me the honor of representing service members and their families.
To be eligible for division of retirement pay paid directly to the divorced spouse, the divorced spouse must have been married to the service member for at least 10 years while the service member served 10 years of service. In a marriage when the service member served 20 years and the marriage lasted 20 years, but marriage overlapped the period of service between 15 years and 19 years, the divorced spouse is entitled to full military medical benefits for a transitional period of one year following the divorce.
A divorced spouse who was married to a service member for 20 years while the service member serviced 20 years is entitled to full commissary, exchange and health care benefits. In my practice I represent and receive calls from fathers who are experiencing financial difficulty because their income has been reduced, usually through no fault of their own, yet their child support obligation remains the same. While it is possible to represent yourself, a child support attorney will know how to properly file the petition, what documents you need to provide to the other side, and how to properly calculate child support. If you have any questions about divorce and want to talk, do not hesitate to contact my Jacksonville office to schedule a free initial consultation. Husband and Wife agree on how they will apportion parenting time and parental responsibility (if the parties have children).
The Uncontested Divorce process has more to do with the agreement of the parties rather any legal or statutory construct. If you have questions about Uncontested Divorce in Jacksonville, Florida and the surrounding areas, please contact your Uncontested Divorce Lawyer in Jacksonville, Florida.
It is not surprising that some clients may find it difficult to be reasonable in the divorce process. One of the reasons I offer flat fee uncontested divorces is to encourage people to come to an agreement before they ever file a divorce. Florida law allows a court to impute income to a non-working spouse for purposes of determining whether to award alimony and the amount of alimony to award.

Orlandos Newest and Easiest help service for Divorce, Child Suport and Paternity.Fastway Legal Documents can help you prepare your forms and documents that you need to file to get your Divorce or your Modification of Child Support. Each parent's support obligation is apportioned based upon his or her percentage of earned income.
If you are parent of a child due support, contact an attorney or the Florida DOR to ensure your child gets the financial support he or she needs.
Once a divorcing couple completed all of their paperwork, all that would remain is waiting the 20 day period and for one of the spouse to appear in Court for a brief hearing. Many times, their current child support payment was calculated based on a higher income or erroneously calculated at the outset. While I can never guarantee a result, in many cases fathers actually save money in the long run by having counsel properly and promptly move a petition to modify child support through the court process. Divorce, for whatever reason, seems to exacerbate bad habits like drinking, gambling, shopping too much, smoking, etc. This point should be relatively easy to resolve due to the fact Florida sets specific child support guidelines based on income. The Uncontested Answer form agrees with everything in the Petition of the spouse who initiated the divorce proceedings and waives notice of hearings as well as all future notices in connection with the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. While uncontested divorce is much easier than a contested divorce, in most cases the parties will come out ahead by hiring a lawyer to assist them to navigate the procedural requirements of Jacksonville, Florida courts and ensuring the paperwork associated with the uncontested divorce is completed correctly.
This is understandable because, under Florida law, any divorcing couple that has at least one minor child in common must pay child support.
The State of Florida has two routes to obtaining a child support order: administrative and judicial.
To get an estimate of child support obligations, you can enter information into the Florida Child Support Calculator. Below are some things to consider for those in the divorce process during the holidays or contemplating divorce during the holidays.
A military divorce is actually handled much like a regular divorce subject to federal statutes designed protect service members and provide a framework for distributing military benefits in a divorce. Keeping your body healthy will help you handle the stress and the ups and downs associated with the divorce process. As a divorce attorney, I am able to call on both my life and career experience to assist my clients to navigate the divorce process both legally and emotionally. The value of the time spent learning and navigating the divorce process will often be greater than the low flat rate many lawyers charge to handle uncontested divorce matters in Jacksonville, Florida. In some cases, the hurt and anger may be justified, but utilizing divorce litigation to seek revenge is an expensive proposition.

Most divorcing couples in Florida know and understand this general principle; however, exactly how a court goes about calculating child support in Florida is less known. In addition to the waiting period, Jacksonville, Florida courts require that at least one of the parties provide testimony in court before a divorce judgment will be entered. The goal is to come out of the divorce a whole person, ready to move on with the next chapter of your life. Some divorcing parents may feel upset to learn, for instance, that they are being ordered to pay more support for one child than a coworker or friend was ordered to pay for two or three children.It might surprise some to learn that the calculation of a child support order is governed entirely by statute.
Under the law, the judge actually has very little discretion in setting the amount of support; when the judge does deviate, he or she must make specific findings. Understanding the steps that go into the calculation of child support in any given case can help parents involved in a divorce case estimate the amount of support the court will order.
This can take some of the confusion away from a divorce and help the parties budget better.
A new Florida child support statute is currently working its way through the Florida legislature. The basic method of determining support is to take each parent’s net income and compare them to the Guidelines Table contained inĀ Florida chapter 61. The new child support law will potentially affect thousands of parents across the State of Florida. If passes by the legislature, and signed by the governor, the new support law would be effective on July 1st, 2014.The new proposed child support law is currently known as Senate Bill 104 and House Bill 755.
That list includes things such as taxes, personal health insurance, and other child support judgments.The area where child support calculation gets tricky is the interaction with the number of overnights each parent has with their child.
Also, each additional overnight over the initial 20% reduces child support by a calculated amount. This fictional income will be used in the child support calculation.NowCourts have the ability to impute income but do not always decide to do that.
Their zero income would be figured into the child support guidelines and would potentially affect the final number.If the law passes, courts will have definite requirements to impute income, even if there is a good excuse for unemployment.

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