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What many private investigators and law enforcement agents will never tell you is how to trace a cell phone number online with just a few mouse clicks. You can look up the name of the person calling you on your cellphone by using online reverse phone number look-up. Although cell phones come installed with caller ID services, this function displays only the caller's phone number. Step 4Pay the fee that White Pages or US Search charges to retrieve the caller's name and address. If you don't wish to pay for a reverse look-up, try typing the phone number into an online search engine.
And with a creative approach, you may never need to spend a dollar to reveal the identity of the person behind an unknown phone number. Well, this type of cell phone spying does exist and can be done – no question about it. The trick here is to enter the number in different formats since Google cannot quite guess that it is the same thing you are searching but just expressed it differently. If, say, someone is persistently calling you using a blocked number, you can unblock it by using a TrapCall service or by signing up for any toll-free number service and then redirect the calls to a toll-free number in order to ublock them.

Well, you can ask a friend to call the number back and ask a few questions in the hope of getting some clues about the person’s identity. Unless the caller's name is already a phone contact, you will not be able to automatically identify the name of the caller. Sometimes, a person's name or a company's website connected to the number will show up as one of the search results. While it is an automatic database sourced from various public records, it still can produce the name and address of the person whose number you are trying to track down. While expensive, this one is bulletproof – you get the record kept by a cell phone company for the number in question. However, there is a way to identify the caller's name, as you can look the number up online. The initial result will show the city or town that the phone number is registered in, but not the person's name. Or perhaps you have written down an important telephone number and forgotten who it belongs to. I am talking about a free tool that will allow you to anonymously check the voice mail greeting for any mobile number.

Despite the usefulness of Caller ID and your handy address book, some phone numbers still present a mystery as to who is on the other end.
You simply do a free reverse phone lookup, then sign up for three-day free trial via PayPal. Once the number is unblocked, you can proceed with the other tools on our list to check who it was that was calling you!
In order to unlock the great mystery of the missing name, you can perform what is called a reverse telephone number lookup, a function that is readily available for free via several people-finder websites. You simply enter the number you would like to spy dial and then a recording of their voicemail message is produced for you to hear.
If the telephone number is not blocked in any way, the person's name appears in a list or by itself.

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