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Finding out someone shares a birthday with you feels like stars aligning, hearts criss-crossing, and lives twisting and tangling together. Mine is also march 23rd and I just met someone at a small get together with the same birthday.
Incidentally, I share my birthday with Ivanna Trump, Cindy Crawford, Kurt Cobain and Rihanna. I knew this girl at summer camp that shared the same birthday as me – we were even born on the same year, in the same hospital!
Incidentally, I think sharing a birthday with Jack Nicholson and Bettie Page is immensely cool.

I LOVE birthday twins :) I have a coworker, a cousin AND a good friend who all share my birthday (June 2), it’s great! Not only did Jenna and I discover that we had the SAME BIRTHDAY (born only hours apart), but we found out we had playdates as babies. I’ve never met anyone with my same birthday before, but I think we should all throw a big party next year for 11-11-11! Libra to Libra, Pisces to Pisces, you break it down around town chatting about childhood birthday parties, deliciously disgusting foods, and hometown habits that died hard. The following celebs share my birthday: Ric Ocasek from The Cars, Chaka Kahn, and Perez Hilton.

There’s nothing as fun as birthday partying hopping with birthday twins before going to your own!
It’s just crazy awesome that it happened to be that our families share this as opposed to some random person I met in college and only found out his birthday randomly or something.

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