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If you are looking to the quickest way how to find your Facebook ID profile number then you are in the correct page. If you want to know or find your Facebook profile ID number, there is still a way and that is by utilizing Facebook Developers’ Graph API tool. I have try to find my Facebook page profile ID with the application you suggested but it didn’t work.
Facebook profile URLs have changed now to their own vanity links version so it is somehow difficult to easily find out your own profile’s Facebook ID number.

Some Facebook users care less about it and even liked it more since it’s easier to remember a vanity URL than a link that has numbers on it.
However, if you are a blogger or a website administrator and you want to include some of the Facebook Social Plugin into your website you’ll need to know your own Facebook ID or even your Facebook application ID.
If you notice I don’t have anymore that long unique ID numbers that correspond to my account instead it shows eyes4tech. Now the problem is there seems no way to identify your Facebook ID number by just going into your own profile.

Also month calendars in 2015 including week numbers can be viewed at any time by clicking on one of the above months.

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