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If their iPhone is locked though you’ll have a tougher time tracking them down, so hope they have Find My iPhone! The obvious solution might be to call another phone, but if the device has no service or the service has been disconnected, don’t despair.
A friend asked me about this after finding an iPhone, figured it would make for a good article for those not familiar.

When someone answers just tell them you found the phone, you can guarantee that someone on that list knows how to find the owner and will get ahold of them. No idea what my number is, I change my network every couple of months, depending on what country I’m in and the best deal, and one rarely has to read out a number these days (you just send a group text) so I might have never actually read my number, myself.
This is also helpful to know to find out information about an iPhone such as whether it is locked or unlocked, and who to.

Anyway, if you have found someone elses iPhone, be a good citizen and try to track down the rightful owner, they’ll appreciate it!

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