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After I gave it back I had no interest in getting a phone of my own so it was a couple of years before I eventually got a Nokia 3210. My first mobile was my when my Dad gave me his company phone, a 'BT Amber', in 1996 as he never used it. EDIT: Just reading up on it there, the Siemens was the first mobile phone with memory expansion and an MP3 player, and was also the first phone to have a Java virtual machine.

I miss flip phones, and Ericsson, and the little blinking green light that was standard on Ericssons.
Also, working V50's seem to sell for quite a lot on ebay due to the fact they were branded as BMW phones and were the only phones to dock in some BMW M model at the time. I'm sorry I handed it into one of those phone collections in school now, especially since there are people offering €100 for them online.

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