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admin | Category: Business Phone Numbers | 14.07.2015 lets people report who called them, when, what the Caller ID said, and who was REALLY on the other end. By using this app, you can track who just called me, who called me from this computer or from any country like australia, Canada. Download Who Called Me today and stop wondering if that missed call was important or just another telemarketer, and join the revolution of people helping people by reporting when YOU receive useless calls! Unsurprisingly named "Who Deleted Me on Facebook", the app shows you which accounts have unfriended you, which have become deactivated and who is online. Who Deleted Me was previously available as a Facebook extension, but this was discontinued over claims that the social network limited what the software could do.
The software is very similar to the Who Unfollowed Me app which enables you to track when Twitter users unfollow your account.
This app was super super helpful to me because arriving in a new city, not knowing the lay of the land, this app gave me all my options instantly and really opened my eyes to the possibilities of recycling.
The app, called Who Deleted Me for Facebook, makes a list of your current Facebook friends and tracks who removes you over time. Now, as first reported by The Next Web, the app is back with new features, including how frequently the app checks for updates.
It also shows which of your friends’ accounts have become deactivated, who is online and keeps a track of friend numbers.
The app was created by Exeter-based developer Anthony Kuske and is available for free on Android and iOS. There is also a free browser extension for Chrome. Once the app has been installed, users connect their Facebook account by signing in securely.

If you’ve ever wondered who deleted you as a “friend” on Facebook, there’s now an app for that too. It’s called “Who Deleted Me on Facebook,” and aims to help social media users keep tabs on their contacts list. After going the app permission to connect with their Facebook accounts, users see a a screen that shows them how many “missing” friends they have, or how many of their contacts have unfriended them. The app even lets users see when their friends last logged into Facebook, BuzzFeed reported. Although the app was just released late last month, a browser extension has existed since 2009.
We're experiencing much higher than normal traffic currently so Who Deleted Me is running slowly. So to find out Who called you, use an Who called me app for windows phone for countries like UK, Australia, Canada.
By giving you an easy way to access this information on your phone Who Called Me saves you the hassle of wondering if the number you just got a call from is even worth your time! Who Called Me UK has an extensive list of numbers belonging to telemarketers, debt collectors, banks, and interviewers. The app can be downloaded on Android and iOS and is also available as a Chrome browser extension. So when I moved to Montana I was shocked to find out that there wasn’t a real recycling service.
The app currently has Apple iOS and Google Android versions and released for download June 29.

The feature is a lot like the Twitter app “Who Unfollowed Me,” which allows users to see…well, who “unfollowed” them.
On Monday, so many users tried to download the app that the surge was causing it to load slowly. This means that it won’t be able to tell you anything about accounts that have unfriended you prior to you using the app. When I called to set up my trash service I requested a recycling container and a glass bin like I had in Oregon. It uses your GPS to find your current location and then pinpoints all the locations within your area. Usually we are forced to just use hotel garbage cans and dusters to get rid of purchases, but with this app you can quickly find the nearest recycling location to you, do the right thing, and recycle even when you are on the road. It even allows you to comment on the quality of the recycling center and share the information with your friends on Facebook, twitter, and other social media outlets. So I did a little research and found out that there is recycling, you just have to do more of the leg work yourself.

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