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Real time call monitoring allows authorized users to monitor and listen to calls of one or more users in real time.
Music on hold is the music that callers hear when they are put on hold by a user, in queues, auto-attendants, etc. PBXware is also available with Bicom Systems Certified IP PBX Appliances as a fully working telephony system which is out of the box plug and talk ready. We have configured and tested a number of devices for automatic provisioning or auto configuration to be used for users extensions.
This option enables you to enter the *500 Access Code followed by a non-delimited list of conference numbers that you want to listen to without participating.
Caller: When the caller makes a call into the Personal IVR, they will be given the option to connect or to leave a voicemail. Callee: After the callee answers the call, they will hear the name of the person calling in, then the callee will be given choice to a) connect the call and start talking with the caller, b) call forward to another extension or phone number, or c) send the caller to the voicemail.

With MS Outlook integration, outCALL monitors all incoming calls and upon detection of an incoming call, a screen pops up displaying caller contact details. Salesforce is an easy-to-use, Web-based CRM solution for sales, service, marketing, and call center operations that streamlines customer relationship management and boosts customer satisfaction. Direct dialing of user extensions (this feature can be set to on or off)This allows callers to dial extensions directly.
Once a call is placed to any of the configured destinations, PBXware will try to place that call using the primary trunk.
Finally, if the secondary trunk has failed to terminate the call, the system will use the tertiary trunk. The user has the option to send all incoming calls to voicemail or to another phone number for a specific time (0-24 hours).
If you want to speak to one of the conferences, you may type ** and then one of the conference numbers that you are already listening to.

In the event that it finds operation in a not normal state, it will restart the server immediately. If the number is busy, a message will offer to monitor the line for 30 minutes, and alert you, with a special ring, when the line is free. This gives you facility to enter extension name and number after which the system will auto configure all of those devices.

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