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One look at the cell phone antenna of early mobile phones will show the leaps that have occurred in their design. Originally, these devices had long antennas, with many having a similar look to those used on cordless phones today. Further advances in technology led to mobile phones with attractive features such as color screens and flip cover designs.
Apart from those antennas that are built into the phone, it is possible to buy cell phone antennas as accessories.
These cellphone booster antennas can also work in motor vehicles, making it possible to prevent dropped calls even when driving through known black spots.
While the modern day antenna is not visible, it is still important to buy phones that are known to provide a good reception.

Some of the newer model cell phones came with shorter external antennas as a means of providing quality reception. These types of antennas are ideal for those who need to boost the signal in areas where cell phone reception is poor.
These boosters work by providing an antenna that is within line of sight of cell towers, which makes it easier to pick up signals. The touch screen LG cell phone is one of the newer devices with no visible antenna, although the powerful internal one works even better than the external types used in the past. Gone is the prominent walkie-talkie type antenna that was standard on the large bulky phones of the mid-1990s. By 1996 to 1997, for most phones, the internal antennas replaced the external type to make the mobile phone not only better looking, but also smaller and easier to carry.

By this time, technology was changing rapidly and competition meant that better cell phones with sleeker designs were becoming the norm. The leaps in technology meant that these phones had even more features and were smaller, sleeker, lighter and with greater storage capacity.
Someone with a cell phone that uses GSM would have to buy an external antenna that uses the same technology.

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