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There are many sites on the Internet that can allow you to find out who a phone number belongs to. Once you get the Google Phonebook website in this manner, you can now use it for searching for most of the U.S. You can enter the phone number in the format “(123) 456 7890” or in the format “123-456-7890” or in the format “123 456 7890” (this is dummy number). Of course, you can also use the Google Phonebook to search with name of a person to get his phone number.
Here are some other websites that can help you to get the name and address of a person if you search for the phone number. Reverse Phone Lookup services are highly useful, especially if you want to investigate and track down the name and address related to consistent prank callers, or even finding out the owner of a missed personal or business call.
In this article, titled Find out who phone number belongs to with reverse phone lookup, we are taking a look at the available services that can help you track the owner of certain phone numbers.
The most successful method for gaining information about unknown numbers is to use a reverse phone lookup service – these are companies that have databases filled with data on phone numbers, addresses, names and more, and they are very useful for gathering the information you are looking for. Reverse phone lookup services have access to public data about phone numbers by collecting this information through forms online.
Because of the nature of the data these services use, reverse phone lookup does not have information on 100% of phone numbers, however in most cases there is information available for a number you may not know the origin of.
The second payment model may be more useful for the majority of customers – if you only need to lookup one phone number, you can pay a one-off usage fee which will give you a report on a phone number for around $20.

Like mentioned before, there are a few different companies that offer a reverse phone lookup service, and we would suggest doing a bit of research on the companies available to find out what features best suit you.
There are of course some services that are trusted more than others, including Phone Detective, eVerify and Reverse Mobile – these three companies are what we would suggest. Fortunately, we have done a lot of the research for you so you can find out which service will appeal to you the most – you can learn more about reverse phone lookup here. Hopefully after reading this article you will now know how to find out who phone number belongs to – make sure to click the link above to learn more about the services we’ve suggested. That means, you know a particular phone number and want to find out details of the person who owns that phone number. Another advantage of Google Phonebook is that you’ll also get a link to Google Map for the exact location of the address of the person who owns the searched phone number. On doing so, the first search result itself may display the Google Phonebook entry for that phone number with the name and address of the person who owns that phone number. This can be great if you’ve found a number in your address book that you can’t remember, or you’re receiving texts or calls from an unknown recipient. For example, if a home owner sets up an account for an online service, they may also provide their phone number, their address and their name.
Each one of these services has their own unique features and price ranges, however the overall phone lookup service is available on each platform. This feature can be used for searching even the international phone numbers, by also adding the country code number, etc.

So, you may get information about the names of persons owning the phone number searched, as well as their addresses, street names, cities, states and ZIP codes.
This information is then paired together, and sometimes sold off to third parties such as phone lookup services. While it may be easier to find out the details of the owner of a landline phone number, it is generally difficult to find details of the owner of a particular cell phone or mobile phone number.
If the call came from a business or anyone who wants to be reachable by the public, you are likely to find the number and its source in your search results. Since the number is through a mobile carrier, you cannot use a reverse phone number lookup service to track it as cellphone numbers are expressly excluded from these services.
However, to my knowledge, Google does not provide a direct link to its website for Google Phonebook. Instead, try using a people search service such as Intellius or Spokeo to see if you can find who owns the number.
Still, it is possible to reach Google Phonebook by knowing the URL to a web page for searching a known person’s phone number on Google Phonebook. Telephone carriers cite privacy concerns as the reason they cannot share these numbers with customers.

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