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If you're not real familiar with Excel's layout, here's what's important: In Excel, "rows" run horizontally, and are ordered by number. Once the blank spreadsheet (or "worksheet") is opened, we'll start by adding a handful of column labels — the same ones you'd find in your paper check register. In Excel 2007, using the HOME ribbon, click the FORMAT button, and then select COLUMN WIDTH.

The more I consider it, though, the more I think that building a tutorial like this could be a great way to show Excel beginners some of the basic workings of the program. Other versions of Excel will appear slightly different, but the functionality is essentially the same.
Now it's on to the really fun stuff: adding formulas and data to our spreadsheet, and letting Excel do its thing!

This is another, often-simpler way to resize columns and rows — with the resizing cursor.

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