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When your PC is connected to a network, it is assigned an address on the network called an IP address. Open your inbox and right click on the message for which you want to see the sender’s IP address. The easiest way to retrieve a routers IP address is by going through System Preferences in OS X. You can use either method to uncover the routers IP address, though obviously using the Wi-Fi menu will only work to uncover a routers IP if it’s a wireless network, whereas the System Preference method works regardless of it being a wired or wireless network router. Find the active Wi-Fi network name of the wireless router your iPad is currently connected to. The easiest option to look up the private IP address on PCs running the Microsoft Windows operating system is to press Win-R, type cmd and hit enter. The public IP address is usually assigned to the computer by an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

The easiest way to lookup the public IP address is to use a script on a website that displays it. Users with a router can find out the public IP address by loading the router's administration interface. If the PC is connected to a network as well as the internet, then the PC will have an internal IP address which marks its location on the local network, and an external IP, which is the IP address of your internet connection. These two search engines will allow you to quickly find your external, or public, IP address.
Your public IP address will be displayed at the top of the search results, sometimes in its own box. Under the "Internet Port" or "Internet IP Address" section in the Router Status, Internet, or WAN page, your IP address should be listed. You can check the internal IP address of your Linux computer through the Terminal command line.

Like most of free public eMail providers such as Yahoo, Hotmail allows you to see the sender’s IP address. This is much the same way that you get your Macs IP address, but the router IP is a few steps further in preference menus.
The first one is the new standard for checking IP addresses, while the second command has been deprecated, but should still work in virtually all distributions. The IP, or Internet Protocol, address is assigned to devices in a computer network for identification and addressing purposes.
Entering the command ipconfig will display the private IP address of every network adapter of the computer.

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