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Call the BT contact number on 0844 800 3114 and speak with a member of the customer services department to discuss your account and the service you receive. Calling the BT customer services team on the number listed on this website will allow you to receive help and assistance with all enquiries. The BT telephone number that we provide is a direct dial number so that callers do not have to be directed through to a third party company before they speak with the company they aimed to speak with in the first place.
Some customers may find this frustrating but this menu is put in place so that BT can establish what your enquiry is and connect you through to a customer service advisor who can offer the most appropriate advice for your enquiry. At contact telephone numbers we charge this price due to the nature of our campaign – to become the directory enquiries company who offer the UK’s most cost effective direct dial numbers.

Whenever you need to call BT customer care you can call the number listed here: 0844 800 3114 and be connected straight through to the relevant department. The most recent offer to come out of BT involves a package deal for television as well as internet but this is far from the only offer that is offered by the telecommunications company so call the BT customer services line on the number listed here and speak with a member of the team.
When the caller is first connected to the BT customer service team they will be asked for the account number which will allow them to access all of the account information instantly. In addition to this, there are alternatives that some customers may find easier and will help with the whole customer service system by alleviating a little pressure on the BT telephone lines. The BT number 0844 800 3114 will allow you to speak immediately with a member of the BT customer service department.
The number we list here is a direct dial number that is not always easily found in the public domain and therefore while there is an automated menu, that is the only hurdle between yourself and BT technical support.

This means of course that their customer care team has been subject to an increased number of enquiries. If visitors wish to, they can visit the BT website and firstly, read all of the information on all of BT’s products but also enter into conversation with a BT customer advisor without having to call the BT telephone phone number listed here. The increase in the number of customers who are using the online web chat conversations means that the number of people calling the BT customer number is reduced. Calling the BT helpline number listed on this website will not make the caller incur a large number of charges anyway as we do not list premium rate numbers, nor do we allow for the calls to first go to a directory enquiry call centre which then provides the number to the caller.

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