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One of the most important things that come with getting married is the true seal of the deal, what we call a marriage license. In the middle ages a marriage license was a private event and agreement between two families. Usually there is a waiting process when it comes to obtaining your marriage license; this is in case the couple decides to change their mind.
There is no going around not having a marriage license if you are in the United States but a marriage license is a good thing all around to have. A marriage license is a paper document that is legally required and issued by either a state authority or church that a couple must obtain before the big day. A marriage license in the Colonial times was used as a way of preventing bigamy and to legitimize children.

One very good thing about having a marriage license is that you are offered an HIV test and given information on the Aids disease. Not only does a marriage license really show your dedication to your partner as you are willing to sign your life to them but it also provides a sense of security as well, especially if the couple already has children or plans on having children together.
Depending on certain countries and states the process to receive your marriage license is different and has changed its course over the years. Over time, the government had begun using a marriage license to control the marriage of two different races.
In the end, some couples do not agree with a marriage license but having one and being under the contract of a marriage license will ensure equality and fairness for one another if divorce were to ever happen.
However during the development of the 20th century the marriage license had changed, making many laws that were in order to be repealed.

It is also usually a requirement that the marriage ceremony have a witness and someone who is recognized by the state to perform the ceremony. Now a day a marriage license is used as a contract to prove a couple's new legal obligations to one another as husband and wife.
It is usually then after the ceremony that the couple signs the marriage license with a witness depending upon where you live and have the one who performed the ceremony send it back to the county clerk office to be reviewed and confirmed.

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