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For those that live in the state of Texas and are considering a divorce or just want to know more, we have provided the reader with step-by-step information about how to file your very own divorce including additional information you will find useful when divorcing in Texas.
For an Uncontested divorce with minor children being involved as well as both parties agreeing upon children custody, visitation rights, debt and property division, go to the divorces with children section at where instructions are also offered. Step 4 – Next, file the divorce forms, let your spouse be aware of it, find out filing costs (pay cash only) and how many copies of information you will need. If both divorcing parties are not asking for a hearing but a spouse is looking for copies of your filings, they may instead file an answer to the divorce petition rather than the Waiver of Citation.
The filing party must attend the divorce hearing regardless of whether or not it is contested or not and uncontested divorce hearings are quite brief.
Step 6 – With regards to the Final Divorce Decree which covers alimony, property division, child custody, visitation rights and child support, you will need to prepare and file this document for a judge to sign only after a Petition for Divorce has been filed for a minimum of 61 days. Despite what many believe about there being no alimony in Texas, it actually does exist but is very difficult to receive. Unlike before, newlyweds are now eligible for alimony if they are a victim of abuse only if their divorce claim comes within two years after they have been violently abused.

To file a military divorce in Texas, both spouses must currently be living in the state and the military spouse must also be stationed there for the divorce filing to be legally recognized.
The Former Spouse Protection Act is utilized in order to calculate the financial amount of retirement benefits that will be granted to the non-military spouse should a divorce take place. Under the (USFSPA) the military disability pay is omitted from the classification of disposable retired pay and subsequently the disability pay is not subject to the exact rules of separation in divorce.
File for Divorce in Texas simplifies and explains in straightforward language everything you need to know to successfully handle your own divorce. However, in Texas the only requirement that must be met first is that one of the divorcing spouses must have resided in the state of Texas for a minimum of 6 months.
Everyone filing for a divorce in Texas must get an information sheet which can be downloaded at the Texas Court website. For a Contested divorce with or without having children at a minor age, there are the same forms from the Pro Se Divorce Handbook provided by the Texas Bar Association.
If your spouse has signed a Waiver of Citation then you will not be forced to send them any divorce petition and they will not even have to attend the settlement if all things are agreed upon.

The hearing is mainly for divorcing spouses that do not agree on all issues where the court will decide what happens and in whose benefit. In preparing, it may be best to skim through or read the Texas Family Code to get better insight on evidence and factors to better your case. In order for a spouse to qualify for maintenance (alimony) in Texas, they must lack adequate property including that which is separate at the divorce to supply for that spouse’s minimal practical needs. If you are filing for an Uncontested divorce and have no children at a minor age, the wife is not pregnant and both parties agree on settlement issues then the necessary forms can be obtained at and guidelines are provided.
As well, get acquainted with the Texas Rules of Evidence and attend a few divorce hearings to gain more knowledge before gathering and preparing your own evidence.

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