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The bill proposes to completely remove low-level criminal records that happened a significant amount of time ago.
This expungement bill would also make it an infraction for an employer to discriminate against someone who has had an arrest or conviction expunged from their record.For employers who are worried about not being able to see the true criminal history of interviewees, there is reassurance. The bill protects employers from all liability if they hire an expunged criminal who does wrong again.In the state of Indiana, there are currently “sealing” laws that prevent the public from viewing a low level, non-violent crime record after a certain number of years.

While this seems similar to the expungement law, it is different in that sealing laws apply solely to certain misdemeanors and class D felonies. This will ensure that the people who truly deserve the second chance are the one’s receiving it.Under the current version of the bill, a person who was arrested but not convicted of a crime could have their record expunged within one year after their arrest. Someone with a misdemeanor could have their record expunged within five years after the conviction and someone with a non-violent class D felony could have their record cleared eight years following the conviction.

Any persons with higher-level felonies would be required to wait eight years after their sentence was over to begin the process of having their record expunged.There is a long history of criminals who have repaid their debt to society and truly turned their lives around, but continued to suffer the consequences of their past.

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