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In North Carolina, a misdemeanor by definition carries a punishment of less then 1 year in prison. A conviction for DWI in Texas carries with it serious consequences, including very large fines, license suspension, and possible jail time.
A 3rd or more DWI is a 3rd Degree Felony, and if a person is charged with this offense, the State will almost surely seek prison time. Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a criminal offense classified as a misdemeanor, which is less serious than a felony. A conviction on a charge of a DWI misdemeanor might allow a person to be released on probation without having to serve jail time. Examples include Assault on a Female, Assault with a deadly weapon, DWI, and a Violation of a 50B restraining order. Generally, the first two DWI charges a person receives (considering other factors such as a child in the car, or an injured person are not present) will be filed as misdemeanor charges.
The actual offense that constitutes a DWI misdemeanor and the punishment for a conviction will vary from place to place, depending on the local laws.

A DWI could fall into any classification, depending on the circumstances, the offense and how the jurisdiction chooses to punish the offense. By contrast, a person charged and convicted of a DWI felony typically will not be eligible for probation until he or she serves a specified period of time in jail. A prior DWI conviction or alcohol-related driver's license revocation within ten years of the current offense. Even if you have had no prior convictions, a class A1 misdemeanor can be punishable by jail time. Also, the sentencing structure depends on whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. After two, a DWI charge becomes a Felony, and a person will be facing EXTREMELY significant consequences.
An offense that is classified as a DWI misdemeanor in one jurisdiction might constitute a felony or a petite misdemeanor in another jurisdiction.
A person might be charged with a DWI misdemeanor if he or she is alleged to have been driving drunk and has not had any or just a few previous DWI convictions.

For example, a person charged with a DWI misdemeanor might not be entitled to a jury trial if the offense is punishable with a jail term of less than six months.
A person found guilty of a DWI misdemeanor also might have his or her driver's license revoked for a certain period of time and might be required to attend alcohol counseling or driving safety classes.
Unless specified by the offense, fines for class A1 misdemeanor convictions are in the discretion of the court. If the person has had several previous DWI convictions, was in an accident or caused someone to be injured because of the drunken driving, a DWI felony charge might be filed.

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