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Penalties for Under the age of 21:  Drivers license will be revoked for one year if you are convicted of DWI or DWAI that occurred in New York State, or any other state, or in a province of Canada.
Ignition Interlock Rules: Ignition Interlock Rules apply to all Misdemeanor DWI and Felony DWI Convictions in New York State for any conviction under the NYS DWI statute. As a result, even state prison terms for felony DWI charges require a sentence of probation or conditional discharge consecutive to the prison term, as well as a condition that the defendant install an ignition interlock device on any cars the defendant owns or operates.

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In brief, the rules call for the City of New York, and each county outside the City of New York, to establish plans to provide for monitoring defendants sentenced to probation or a conditional discharge with an interlock condition.
Out of state residents convicted in New York are subject to the provisions of Leandra’s Law, and the rules governing the interstate compact for adult offender supervision.

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