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California’s Monterey County Superior Court is attempting a radically different approach that could, if successful, alter how we think about DUI treatment and prevention. Police officers see all kinds of BAC numbers when they arrest people for DUI in Los Angeles. The police officers who worked the scene deferred DUI charges against Finley pending a review of his blood alcohol content levels.
Police eventually arrested Finley, a 25-year veteran on the force, on a charge of aggravated DUI. If you need to develop a sound, systematic defense to a Los Angeles DUI charge, call experienced Los Angeles DUI defense lawyer, Michael Kraut, of the Kraut Law Group. Unless you’ve been living under a rock – or you’ve been so totally overwhelmed by your Los Angeles DUI that you haven’t checked CNN or your Facebook feed in months – you probably are keenly aware of the explosive Ebola outbreak in the West African countries of Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea. For instance, if you have been arrested for DUI, you might be terrified about going to jail for 2+ days. 2.    When things go wrong in life, it’s easy to spiral out of control into a panic, but overreacting can make problems worse. November 3, 2014Getting Stopped for Los Angeles DUI with a Single Open Container Is Bad News. Massachusetts State Police say they found not just one or two but 42 (!!) nips of open vodka in Woodward’s truck; they arrested him and hit him with multiple charges, including lane violations, negligently driving a motor vehicle, driving DUI, and, of course, having open containers of alcohol in his vehicle.

Driving DUI under any circumstances can be devastating, even if you didn’t violate multiple laws or engage in dubious or reckless behavior after your stop.
Let’s say you’ve never driven DUI before, and you didn’t engage in an act of gross negligence, like driving 100 miles the wrong way on the freeway. To respond conscientiously, compassionately and effectively to complex criminal charges, contact a Los Angeles DUI injury defense attorney at the Kraut Law Group right now to schedule a consultation with former prosecutor, Michael Kraut. A competent, motivated Los Angeles DUI defense lawyer can do a lot to help you fight your charges and help you get your life back together. But although a properly equipped Los Angeles DUI defense attorney can do a lot for you, he or she is ultimately limited. That said, you can benefit hugely from connecting with Harvard Law School educated ex-prosecutor Michael Kraut of the Los Angeles’s Kraut Law Group today for a free consultation about your Los Angeles DUI defense.
The question of whether a DUI or DWI should result in getting treatment is a reasonable one with which to grapple. If the legal problems did not result in serious legal consequences, it’s still important to consider whether or not you are dealing with problem drinking or other substance abuse. While choosing to go to rehab for drug or alcohol problems is most effective when the individual is truly interested in getting clean, rehab is certainly more likely to have a profound long-term effect over the US prison system. On October 18, a 10-year-old boy died in a multi-car DUI-related collision at North Euclid Street and West Oklahoma Avenue, per Anaheim Police Department reports.

The media coverage understandingly focuses on the awful tragedy that befell Ramirez and his family, but it’s important to appreciate that DUI crashes also devastate the lives of people charged with crimes. And if your auto insurance company takes a look at your DUI conviction and decides to double your rates, unless the insurance company violated the law… again, there is little that your attorney can do.
Your arrest may be a sign that you are on the way to a bigger problem with addiction, so it’s important to evaluate how and when you use drugs or alcohol in your day to day life.
Judge Sam Lavorto had the idea for this special court, which will operate on a therapeutic model, trying to get help for people who have alcohol problems so that they won’t repeat their offenses. Likewise, if you find the right people, such as a qualified Los Angeles DUI defense attorney with the Kraut Law Group, you may be able to powerfully affect your future, win back your freedom, and avert personal catastrophe. Call a Los Angeles DUI defense lawyer with the Kraut Law Group right now to set up a time to speak with attorney Michael Kraut about what you can do to defend your interests, protect your rights, and minimize the punishments and other negative repercussions in your life. However, the Ebola outbreak – in particular, how it played out in the media – holds powerful lessons for DUI defendants. Likewise, many DUI defendants react in nonstrategic fashion by, for instance, waiting way too long to hire attorneys to represent them and guide them through the process.

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