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Danish soccer player Niklas Bendtner is paying a heavy price for drunk driving without a valid license this past Sunday in downtown Copenhagen. On Tuesday, Bendtner was been fined the equivalent of $147,000US and had his driving privileges revoked for three years. Bendtner’s lawyer called the fine “completely out of proportion” when other drunk drivers in Denmark would pay far, far less. In Denmark, a person’s drunk driving fine is calculated by dividing a person’s salary by 2.5, then multiplying that number by the person’s BAC.

But there aren't many parents who have been faced with helping to pay a $4.6million fine on behalf of their offspring.
The combination of a professional footballer’s salary and a high BAC, 0.175 for Bendtner, came out to be the highest drunk driving fine in Denmark’s history, according to the Copenhagen Post.
His DUI probation requires him to be clean of booze, but he may take any legal prescriptions.

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