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Order your driving record and have it delivered directly to your email inbox so that you can have everything you need by your court deadline. We are proud to offer students of this course a quick, affordable and simple way to order their driving record. Just like your credit report, it's a smart idea to check your driving record from time to time to check for any inaccuracies. If you are looking to get your driving record because the court is requiring one with your defensive driving certificate, be sure to check out our course and record combo to save both time and money.
Defensive Driving is now online for Arizona drivers looking to fulfill MVD defensive driving requirements.

So save yourself a timely trip to the Arizona DMV by going online and getting the information you need. During the registration for your ticket dismissal course, you will be given the option to order a certified copy of your record by providing a few additional pieces of information.
Most courts in Texas require that you get a certified copy of your driving record (type 3a) from the Department of Public Safety to turn in with your certificate.
We understand that sometimes life happens and tasks like completing your defensive driving get pushed to the side for more important things.
During the registration for your online driver safety course you will be given the option of adding a copy of your driving record to the order.

If you find you need your driving record at the last minute, choose the email delivery option to have your driving record delivered to your inbox in as little as an hour. You will receive your course completion certificate and certified driving record you ordered within a few days of passing the course.

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